Don't set windows sdk version

The recipe module can't handle newer cipd packages as some config files
have moved, e.g.:

Disable until we can fix the recipe module in depot_tools.

Change-Id: Iffe3458d8ab3fa677db3d373a256975beb0569bc
Reviewed-by: Justin Cohen <>
diff --git a/cr-buildbucket.cfg b/cr-buildbucket.cfg
index a3cdb39..6dd8787 100644
--- a/cr-buildbucket.cfg
+++ b/cr-buildbucket.cfg
@@ -78,7 +78,11 @@
   dimensions: "os:Windows-10"
   recipe {
     properties: "target_os:win"
-    properties_j: "$depot_tools/windows_sdk:{\"version\":\"uploaded:2021-04-28\"}"
+    # This is the correct syntax to set the property, however, the depot_tools
+    # recipe needs updating to deal with a newer SDK package, so disable
+    # temporarily (so that the recipe module uses its default cipd package
+    # version).
+    # properties_j: "$depot_tools/windows_sdk:{\"version\":\"uploaded:2021-04-28\"}"