run_with_crashpad—Run a program with a Crashpad exception handler


run_with_crashpad [OPTION…] COMMAND [ARG…]


Starts a Crashpad exception handler server such as crashpad_handler(8) and becomes its client, setting an exception port referencing the handler. Then, executes COMMAND along with any arguments specified (ARG…) with the new exception port in effect.

On macOS, the exception port is configured to receive exceptions of type EXC_CRASH, EXC_RESOURCE, and EXC_GUARD. The exception behavior is configured as EXCEPTION_STATE_IDENTITY | MACH_EXCEPTION_CODES. The thread state flavor is set to MACHINE_THREAD_STATE.

Programs that use the Crashpad client library directly will not normally use this tool. This tool exists to allow programs that are unaware of Crashpad to be run with a Crashpad exception handler.


  • -h, --handler=HANDLER

    Invoke HANDLER as the Crashpad handler program instead of the default, crashpad_handler.

  • --annotation=KEY=VALUE

    Passed to the Crashpad handler program as an --annotation argument.

  • --database=PATH

    Passed to the Crashpad handler program as its --database argument.

  • --url=URL

    Passed to the Crashpad handler program as its --url argument.

  • -a, --argument=ARGUMENT

    Invokes the Crashpad handler program with ARGUMENT as one of its arguments. This option may appear zero, one, or more times. If this program has a specific option such as --database matching the desired Crashpad handler program option, the specific option should be used in preference to --argument. Regardless of this option’s presence, the handler will always be invoked with the necessary arguments to perform a handshake.

  • --help

    Display help and exit.

  • --version

    Output version information and exit.


Starts a Crashpad exception handler server by its default name, crashpad_handler, and runs a program with this handler in effect.

$ run_with_crashpad --database=/tmp/crashpad_database crasher
Illegal instruction: 4

Starts a Crashpad exception handler server at a nonstandard path, and runs exception_port_tool(1) to show the task-level exception ports.

$ run_with_crashpad --handler=/tmp/crashpad_handler \
      --database=/tmp/crashpad_database exception_port_tool \
task exception port 0, mask 0x1c00 (CRASH|RESOURCE|GUARD), port 0x30b, behavior 0x80000003 (STATE_IDENTITY|MACH), flavor 7 (THREAD)

Exit Status

  • 0


  • 125

    Failure, with a message printed to the standard error stream.

  • 126

    The program specified by COMMAND was found, but could not be invoked.

  • 127

    The program specified by COMMAND could not be found.

See Also

crashpad_handler(8), exception_port_tool(1)


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