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// This file will NOT be submited in final version. Used to test
// flags/config/parsing. The idea is this file can be share to quickly set up
// and recreate config to benchmark
browsers: {
"chrome-stable": {
path: "chrome-stable",
flags: [
// You can pass a user-data-dir path to the --user-data-dir flag.
// Usefull in scenarios where the users wants to use an existent
// user-data-dir instead of creating a new temporary directory.
env: {
"disk_min_free_space_gib": null,
"power_use_battery": true,
"screen_brightness_percent": 60,
"cpu_max_usage_percent": 98,
"cpu_min_relative_speed": 1,
"system_allow_monitoring": false,
"browser_allow_existing_process": false,
"browser_is_headless": false,
"require_probes": true,
"system_forbidden_process_names": "",
"screen_allow_autobrightness": false,
probes: {
"powersampler": {
bin_path: "/Users/aattar/chromium/src/out/Release/power_sampler",
// Use sampling_interval=0 to use '--sample-on-notification' instead of
// specifying an explicit sampling_interval
sampling_interval: 0,
wait_for_battery: false,