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// See for more details
pages: {
// Example below will result in:
// A Scenario named = Google and will perfom the actions listed synchronisly
// Check class Action for supported actions
// Time suffixes accepted:
// milliseconds: ['ms', 'milli', 'milliseconds']
// seconds: [s, sec, second, seconds]
// minutes: [m', 'min', 'minute', 'minutes]
// hours: ['h', 'hrs', 'hour', 'hours']
Google: [
{action: "get", value: ""},
{action: "wait", duration: '5s'},
{action: "scroll", value: "down", duration: '3s'},
Amazon: [
// For a "get" action both url and value are accepted
{action: "get", url: ""},
{action: "wait", duration: '5s'},
{action: "scroll", value: "down", duration: '10s'},
Youtube: [
{action: "get", value: ""},
{action: "wait", duration: '5s'},
{action: "scroll", value: "down", duration: '8s'},