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# Copyright 2022 The Chromium Authors
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from __future__ import annotations
import abc
import json
import logging
import pathlib
from typing import (TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, Final, List, Optional, Sequence,
Tuple, Type)
import crossbench.probes.helper as probes_helper
from crossbench import helper
from crossbench.benchmarks.base import PressBenchmark
from crossbench.probes.json import JsonResultProbe
from crossbench.probes.results import ProbeResult, ProbeResultDict
from crossbench.stories import PressBenchmarkStory
import argparse
from crossbench.runner import (Actions, BrowsersRunGroup, Run, Runner,
def _probe_remove_tests_segments(path: Tuple[str, ...]) -> str:
return "/".join(segment for segment in path if segment != "tests")
class Speedometer2Probe(JsonResultProbe, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
Speedometer2-specific probe (compatible with v2.0 and v2.1).
Extracts all speedometer times and scores.
IS_GENERAL_PURPOSE: Final[bool] = False
JS: Final[str] = "return window.suiteValues;"
def to_json(self, actions: Actions) -> Dict[str, Any]:
return actions.js(self.JS)
def flatten_json_data(self, json_data: Sequence) -> Dict[str, Any]:
# json_data may contain multiple iterations, merge those first
assert isinstance(json_data, list)
merged = probes_helper.ValuesMerger(
json_data, key_fn=_probe_remove_tests_segments).to_json(
value_fn=lambda values: values.geomean)
return probes_helper.Flatten(merged).data
def merge_stories(self, group: StoriesRunGroup) -> ProbeResult:
merged = probes_helper.ValuesMerger.merge_json_list(
for repetitions_group in group.repetitions_groups)
return self.write_group_result(group, merged, write_csv=True)
def merge_browsers(self, group: BrowsersRunGroup) -> ProbeResult:
return self.merge_browsers_json_list(group).merge(
def log_run_result(self, run: Run) -> None:
self._log_result(run.results, single_result=True)
def log_browsers_result(self, group: BrowsersRunGroup) -> None:
self._log_result(group.results, single_result=False)
def _log_result(self, result_dict: ProbeResultDict,
single_result: bool) -> None:
if self not in result_dict:
results_json: pathlib.Path = result_dict[self].json"-" * 80)"Speedometer results:")
if not single_result:
relative_path = result_dict[self].csv.relative_to(pathlib.Path.cwd())" %s", relative_path)"- " * 40)
with"utf-8") as f:
data = json.load(f)
if single_result:"Score %s", data["score"])
def _extract_result_metrics_table(self, metrics: Dict[str, Any],
table: Dict[str, List[str]]) -> None:
for metric_key, metric in metrics.items():
parts = metric_key.split("/")
if len(parts) != 2 or parts[-1] != "total":
helper.format_metric(metric["average"], metric["stddev"]))
# Separate runs don't produce a score
if "score" in metrics:
metric = metrics["score"]
helper.format_metric(metric["average"], metric["stddev"]))
class Speedometer20Probe(Speedometer2Probe):
__doc__ = Speedometer2Probe.__doc__
NAME: Final[str] = "speedometer_2.0"
class Speedometer21Probe(Speedometer2Probe):
__doc__ = Speedometer2Probe.__doc__
NAME: Final[str] = "speedometer_2.1"
class Speedometer2Story(PressBenchmarkStory, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
URL_LOCAL: Final[str] = "http://localhost:8000/InteractiveRunner.html"
def __init__(self,
substories: Sequence[str] = (),
iterations: int = 10,
url: Optional[str] = None):
self.iterations = iterations or 10
super().__init__(url=url, substories=substories)
def substory_duration(self) -> float:
return self.iterations * 0.4
def run(self, run: Run) -> None:
with run.actions("Setup") as actions:
return window.Suites !== undefined;
""", 0.5, 10)
if self._substories != self.SUBSTORIES:
let substories = arguments[0];
Suites.forEach((suite) => {
suite.disabled = substories.indexOf( == -1;
with run.actions("Running") as actions:
// Store all the results in the benchmarkClient
window.testDone = false;
window.suiteValues = [];
const benchmarkClient = {
didRunSuites(measuredValues) {
didFinishLastIteration() {
window.testDone = true;
const runner = new BenchmarkRunner(Suites, benchmarkClient);
const iterationCount = arguments[0];
with run.actions("Waiting for completion") as actions:
actions.wait_js_condition("return window.testDone",
self.substory_duration, self.slow_duration)
ProbeClsTupleT = Tuple[Type[Speedometer2Probe], ...]
class Speedometer20Story(Speedometer2Story):
__doc__ = Speedometer2Story.__doc__
NAME: Final[str] = "speedometer_2.0"
PROBES: Final[ProbeClsTupleT] = (Speedometer20Probe,)
URL: Final[str] = (""
class Speedometer21Story(Speedometer2Story):
__doc__ = Speedometer2Story.__doc__
NAME: Final[str] = "speedometer_2.1"
PROBES: Final[ProbeClsTupleT] = (Speedometer21Probe,)
URL: Final[str] = (""
class Speedometer2Benchmark(PressBenchmark, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
DEFAULT_STORY_CLS = Speedometer2Story
def add_cli_parser(cls, subparsers,
aliases: Sequence[str] = ()) -> argparse.ArgumentParser:
parser = super().add_cli_parser(subparsers, aliases)
help="Number of iterations each Speedometer subtest is run "
"within the same session. \n"
"Note: --repeat restarts the whole benchmark, --iterations runs the"
"same test tests n-times within the same session without the setup "
"overhead of starting up a whole new browser.")
return parser
def kwargs_from_cli(cls, args: argparse.Namespace) -> Dict[str, Any]:
kwargs = super().kwargs_from_cli(args)
kwargs["iterations"] = int(args.iterations)
return kwargs
def __init__(self,
stories: Optional[Sequence[Speedometer2Story]] = None,
iterations: Optional[int] = None,
custom_url: Optional[str] = None):
if stories is None:
stories = self.DEFAULT_STORY_CLS.default()
for story in stories:
assert isinstance(story, self.DEFAULT_STORY_CLS)
if iterations is not None:
assert iterations >= 1
story.iterations = iterations
super().__init__(stories, custom_url=custom_url)
class Speedometer20Benchmark(Speedometer2Benchmark):
Benchmark runner for Speedometer 2.0
NAME: Final[str] = "speedometer_2.0"
DEFAULT_STORY_CLS = Speedometer20Story
class Speedometer21Benchmark(Speedometer2Benchmark):
Benchmark runner for Speedometer 2.1
NAME: Final[str] = "speedometer_2.1"
DEFAULT_STORY_CLS = Speedometer21Story