Roll llvm-project from 1e202e8f393a to 9194071626a6 (22 revisions)

2021-04-21 [mlir] Support hoisting whole affine for loops in LICM
2021-04-21 [dfsan] Enable origin tracking with fast8 mode
2021-04-21 [sanitizer] Fix glibc sparc build and add GetTls support
2021-04-21 Make sure PHIElimination doesn't copy debug locations across basic blocks.
2021-04-20 [WebAssembly] Update README. NFC.
2021-04-20 [lld-macho] Skip platform checks for a few libSystem re-exports
2021-04-20 [FuncAttrs] Always preserve FunctionAnalysisManagerCGSCCProxy
2021-04-20 [CMake][llvm] avoid changing global flags (may be used outside of llvm)
2021-04-20 Revert "[InstCombine] Recognize `((x * y) s/ x) !=/== y` as an signed multiplication overflow check (PR48769)"
2021-04-20 [mlir] Disallow broadcast dimensions on TransferWriteOp.
2021-04-20 Revert "Allow invokable sub-classes of IntrinsicInst"
2021-04-20 [Clang, builtins] Added aligned_alloc, memalign support
2021-04-20 Revert "[InstCombine] `sext(trunc(x)) --> sext(x)` iff trunc is NSW (PR49543)"
2021-04-20 Revert "[InstCombine] "Bypass" NUW trunc of lshr if we are going to sext the result (PR49543)"
2021-04-20 Allow invokable sub-classes of IntrinsicInst
2021-04-20 MehdiChinoune [flang][msvc] Fix compilation of RuntimeGtest
2021-04-20 [InstCombine] "Bypass" NUW trunc of lshr if we are going to sext the result (PR49543)
2021-04-20 [NFC][InstCombine] Add tests for sext-of-trunc-nuw-of-lshr (PR49543)
2021-04-20 [InstSimplify] Bypass no-op `and`-mask, using known bits (PR49543)
2021-04-20 [NFC][InstSimplify] Add one more test for unneeded 'and'
2021-04-20 [InstCombine] `sext(trunc(x)) --> sext(x)` iff trunc is NSW (PR49543)
2021-04-20 [NFC][InstCombine] Add test for sign-extending NSW trunc (PR49543)

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Emscripten Releases

This is meta-repository which brings together all the repositories needed to produce and emscripten release. The revisions used in each release are tracked in a DEPS file (See [depot_tools]( for more information). This file contains a history of revisions that have been built and tested together and represent a known good state.

Each release is automatically built and uploaded to to Google Cloud Storage and can be used standalone or with emsdk.

The build status for the automated builds can be seen here

Updating DEPS entries

Install depot_tools and then check out: gclient config (Do this only once)

Update working trees:

  • git pull
  • gclient sync

Update a DEPS entry:

  • cd emscripten-releases
  • git checkout -b <branch>
  • roll-dep emscripten-releases/llvm-project
  • git cl upload

The argument to roll-dep must match one of the keys in the ‘deps’ dictionary in the DEPS file. See roll-dep -h for more options.

༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ Build and test scripts in src/

This directory was forked from the WebAssembly waterfall repo That repo was retired because it was only used by emscripten-releases.

How do I run it?

  1. Get the sources
  2. Install depot_tools. Follow the instructions
  3. Install pkg-config if you don't have it installed already, e.g. # apt install pkg-config
  4. Run python src/ has 3 types of actions:

  • downloading/updating sources for tools and engines (sync)
  • building those sources (build)
  • running tests against them (test).

Each of these types has multiple steps (e.g. a build step for each component). If you run with no arguments, it will run all the sync, build, and test steps. If you make a change and only want to run a subset of steps, you can apply filters from the command line, via exclusions (to prevent specified steps from running) or inclusions (to run only the specified steps). Sync, build, and test exclusions are specified separately. For example:

  1. Do not sync any sources, build everything except LLVM, and run all tests: $ src/ --no-sync --build-exclude=llvm
  2. Sync only WABT, build WABT and Binaryen, run everything other than the emscripten testsuites: $ src/ --sync-include=wabt --build-include=wabt,binaryen --test-exclude=emtest,emtest-asm

The script should throw an error if you specify nonexistent steps or if you specify both includes and excludes for the same type of action.

When run, the script creates a directory src/work inside the waterfall‘s git checkout. All modifications are made inside this directory (checking and out and building the sources, as well as the test builds and execution results). You can also use the git checkouts (e.g. src/work/llvm) with your own branches; the sync steps will check out the latest revision from the script’s remote repositories but will not overwrite or destroy any local work.