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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Google Cloud Platform Project information
project {
# Name of project
name: 'cel-test-alpha'
# All assets will be created in this zone. The region/location is implicit.
zone: 'us-east1-b'
# Where the logs go.
log_settings { admin_log: "admin" }
# The GCS storage bucket and prefix to use.
storage {
bucket: "chrome-auth-lab-staging",
prefix: "cel-test-alpha-files"
# We only use one machine type in our examples
machine_type {
# Name must match the host_machine_type field in the windows_machine asset
# entries.
name: 'win2012r2'
# Going to specify instance properties for a new GCE instance. Alternatively,
# we could specify a GCE instance template name.
instance_properties {
# Go with 2 CPUs and 7.5GB of RAM. This is the GCE machine type, not to be
# confused with the CEL machine_type.
machineType: 'projects/${}/zones/${}/machineTypes/n1-standard-2'
# Scheduling options. By default instances are not pre-emptible.
scheduling {
automaticRestart: true
# Disks. We only need one disk
disks {
# autoDelete must be set to true when specifying initializeParams.
# Otherwise the toolchain will remind you.
autoDelete: true
# ... which is a boot disk. This can be left out since the first disk
# will become the boot disk by default.
boot: true
initializeParams {
# This is a special form for referencing the URL property of the image
# object named windows-2012-r2. Furthermore, this image type is not
# defined in this file. Instead see the builtins.textpb file for a list
# of builtin host assets that can be included for convenience.
sourceImage: '${}'
# Note that we are leaving a bunch of fields out because their defaults are
# reasonable. See the GCE documentation, and in particular the REST API
# documentation for what these fields do. For our convenience, we generate
# a .proto file containing the Compute API schema which has the same
# information. This generated .proto file can be found at
# /schema/gcp/compute/compute-api.proto.