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Name: R8
Version: 3.0.33
License: BSD 3-Clause
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: no
Shipped: no
- Contains R8 (proguard replacement) as well as D8 (dexer).
- Contains code for 3pp-linux-amd64-packager to package and upload new versions of r8.
- Configuration for Java library desugaring.
- Taken from
inside the jar file, in META-INF/desugar/d8/desugar.json. License is also BSD
3-Clause (the r8 version).
R8 is a proguard-like optimizer that also has the ability to dex.
Local Modifications:
* Refer to commit descriptions within "3pp/patches" directory.
* Added "playground" directory for quick "how does this optimize" tests.
* Removed references to ConcurrentHashMap and TimeZone#getTimeZone in desugar_jdk_libs.json.
* Added "java/src/org/chromium/build/", custom_d8.jar, and
* Used in "build/android/gyp/" to enable desugar dependencies.
Update Instructions:
* For the custom d8 jar:
* This is required only when changes.
* Uncomment the flag --skip-custom-d8 in internal_rules.gni to avoid depending
on the previously built custom_d8.jar.
autoninja -C out/Debug third_party/r8:custom_d8_java
cp out/Debug/obj/third_party/r8/custom_d8_java.javac.jar third_party/r8/custom_d8.jar
* For a new version of r8:
* Find the latest successful run of the build bot:
* The bot autoruns every 6 hours. Ping a trooper to trigger it if you need it sooner.
* Go to its log page and look under:
* Expand "building chromium/third_party/r8" to see the CIPD instance ID.
* Copy this instance ID to the r8 entry in //DEPS.
* Update this file with the new version string and submit.
* If patching fails:
git clone
cd r8
* Find latest tag:
git fetch origin --tags
git tag -l # Often unnecessary as output from the fetch includes recent tags.
git checkout $TAG # e.g. 3.0.25-dev, whichever tag failed patching.
* Apply patches:
git checkout -b my_branch
git am $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/r8/patches/*.patch
* Fix patch conflicts.
* Save new patches. Change number if expecting more or fewer patches:
git format-patch -3 -o $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/r8/3pp/patches
* Submit these fixed patches and the bot will automatically retry.
* Local development (see above for setting up the r8 repo):
* Build
tools/ r8
* Shrink (improves r8/d8 launch time):
java -jar build/libs/r8.jar --debug --classfile --output r8.jar \
--lib $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/jdk/current --pg-conf src/main/keep.txt \
--no-minification --no-desugaring build/libs/r8.jar
mv $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/r8/lib/r8.jar{,.bak}
cp r8.jar $CHROMIUM_SRC/third_party/r8/lib/r8.jar
* Update backported methods list:
java -cp third_party/r8/lib/r8.jar --min-api 16 > third_party/r8/backported_methods.txt
* Update instructions for desugar_jdk_libs.json:
unzip -p third_party/android_deps/libs/com_android_tools_desugar_jdk_libs_configuration/*.jar META-INF/desugar/d8/desugar.json > third_party/r8/desugar_jdk_libs.json
* Remove all mentions of ConcurrentHashMap and TimeZone#getTimeZone and remove trailing commas.
* Update //build/config/android/internal_rules.gni to point at the new .jar files:
* desugar_jdk_libs-1.1.1.jar
* desugar_jdk_libs_configuration-1.1.1.jar
How to file bugs against R8:
* Copy & paste the failing ninja command (starts with, and add --dump-inputs.
* This also works for, it produces
* File bug at go/r8bug
* Things to include (use discretion if some are not relevant):
* src revision bug reproduces at
* Repro steps (gn gen & autoninja commands)
* Prefer enable_chrome_android_internal=false
* The from --dump-inputs
* Any relevant dexdump analysis
How to submit CLs to R8:
* Request to be added to their allowlist in order to upload CLs.
* After CLs are submitted, check the bots for build breakage.