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Name: Turbine
Short Name: turbine
Version: 0
Revision: 3c31e67ae25b5e43713fd868e3a9b535ff6298af
License: Apache 2.0
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: no
Shipped: no
Turbine is a header compiler for Java. This library does not provide versioning
or maven releases, so we need to pull it in and build it ourselves.
Since we have no working non-android java proto processor, we cannot yet build
it in GN. Thus build it manually and upload to cipd for now.
Commands to update:
- Log into cipd if necessary: `cipd auth-login`
- Update //DEPS 'src/third_party/turbine/src' commit to latest on github, see, and `gclient sync`.
- Also update the revision in this file.
- Ensure current working directory is `src/third_party/turbine`
mvn package -DskipTests=true -q -f src/pom.xml
cp -f src/target/turbine-0.1-SNAPSHOT-all-deps.jar turbine.jar
cipd create --pkg-def cipd.yaml
- Update //DEPS with the hash id from the cipd create command output.
Local Modifications:
No modifications.