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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto2";
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
import "commit_earlyout_reason.proto";
import "layer_tree_host.proto";
import "rect.proto";
package cc.proto;
// Control messages sent to the impl side of the compositor (client) from the
// main side of the compositor (server).
// Note: Unless specified in a comment, all fields in a message are required,
// even if listed as optional.
// Commit Flow: The commit flow defines the protocol for data exchange between
// the client and the server. The commit flow is characterized by
// the following messages.
// 1) The commit will always be started by the client. The server
// may request a commit from the client by sending a
// CompositorMessageToImpl of type SET_NEEDS_COMMIT. Note that
// if the server needs to push any updates to the client, this
// message will only be sent once, and the client must respond
// with CompositorMessageToMain of type BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME to
// start the commit.
// The client can spontaneously initiate a commit when it needs
// to request new data from the server by sending the
// BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME message.
// 2) On receiving BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME message, the server can respond
// with either CompositorMessageToImpl of type START_COMMIT, if
// it needs to push an update to the client, or of type
// BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME_ABORTED if the commit was aborted.
message CompositorMessageToImpl {
enum Type {
// The enum values which are unknown get mapped to the default value, which
// is zero. This can happen with when the protocol version skewing is
// different on the client and server.
// Ignore the messages with type UNKNOWN.
// see crbug/559338.
// Sent to the client to request a commit. The client will respond with
// CompositorMessageToMain of type BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME.
// Informs the client to start/stop commit requests. The message can be sent
// any time to the client.
// Sent in response to a CompositorMessageToMain of type BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME
// from the client, with the updated state of the LayerTreeHost.
// Sent in response to a CompositorMessageToMain of type BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME
// from the client, if the commit was aborted.
// Sent when a redraw is requested for the given damaged rect.
optional Type message_type = 1;
// Only one of the following fields will be set per CompositorMessageToImpl.
// Set for message Type::SET_DEFER_COMMITS.
optional SetDeferCommits defer_commits_message = 3;
// Set for message Type::START_COMMIT.
optional StartCommit start_commit_message = 4;
// Set for message Type::BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME_ABORTED.
optional BeginMainFrameAborted begin_main_frame_aborted_message = 5;
// Set for message Type::SET_NEEDS_REDRAW.
optional SetNeedsRedraw set_needs_redraw_message = 6;
message SetDeferCommits {
// If set to true, the client will defer sending any BEGIN_MAIN_FRAME messages
// to start a commit. The server must send a message with defer_commits set to
// false to allow the client to start commits.
// Note: If a pending commit request from the server was throttled if the
// client was defering commits, it will be honoured after the server informs
// the client to start commits.
optional bool defer_commits = 1;
message StartCommit {
optional LayerTreeHost layer_tree_host = 1;
message BeginMainFrameAborted {
optional CommitEarlyOutReason reason = 1;
message SetNeedsRedraw {
optional Rect damaged_rect = 1;