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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module device.nfc;
enum NFCErrorType {
enum NFCRecordType {
enum NFCPushTarget {
// The target of a push operation must be the NFC tag.
// The target of a push operation must be the NFC peer (device to device).
// The target of a push operation must be either NFC tag or peer.
enum NFCWatchMode {
// Restricts scope of the watch operation. Only Web NFC messages must be
// used by matching algorithm.
// Allows performing watch operation for all NFC messages. For example, NFC
// tags with valid NDEF messages.
struct NFCError {
NFCErrorType error_type;
struct NFCRecord {
// The type of NFCRecord.
NFCRecordType record_type;
// Represents the IANA media type of the NFCRecord data field.
string? media_type;
// Payload of the NFCRecord.
array<uint8> data;
struct NFCMessage {
// The body of the NFCMessage is a collection of NFCRecord objects.
array<NFCRecord> data;
// The |url| field is an ASCII serialized origin, optionally followed by a URL
// path. It represents Web NFC id, that can be used for matching Web NFC
// content with the filter specified by |url| field in NFCWatchOptions.
string? url;
struct NFCPushOptions {
// The target of the push operation.
NFCPushTarget target;
// The timeout for the push operation, in milliseconds.
double timeout;
// If the property is true, the push operation will suspend active watchers
// until its completion.
bool ignore_read;
struct NFCRecordTypeFilter {
NFCRecordType record_type;
struct NFCWatchOptions {
// Defines filtering constraint for NFC messages with specified |url|.
string? url;
// Defines filtering constraint for NFC records with specified record type.
NFCRecordTypeFilter? record_filter;
// Defines media type filtering constraint.
string? media_type;
// Defines mode of watch operation.
NFCWatchMode mode;
interface NFC {
// NFCClient interface is used to notify |client| when NFCMessage matches one
// or more pending watch operations.
SetClient(NFCClient client);
// Pushes data to NFC device.
// NFCPushOptions specify timeout and type of device where data should be
// pushed. If timeout is defined and data is not pushed before timeout is
// expired, callback with corresponding error is called.
Push(NFCMessage message, NFCPushOptions? options) => (NFCError? error);
// Cancels pending push request.
CancelPush(NFCPushTarget target) => (NFCError? error);
// Starts watching for nearby NFC devices with data that matches
// NFCWatchOptions filtering criteria. On success, watch id is returned.
Watch(NFCWatchOptions options) => (uint32 id, NFCError? error);
// Cancels watch operation with provided id.
CancelWatch (uint32 id) => (NFCError? error);
// Cancels all watch operations.
CancelAllWatches () => (NFCError? error);
// Suspends all pending NFC operations. Could be used when web page
// visibility or focus is lost.
// Resumes all suspended NFC operations.
interface NFCClient {
OnWatch(array<uint32> watch_ids, NFCMessage message);