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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import collections
import itertools
import logging
import re
from infra.libs.deps2submodules import deps2submodules
from infra.libs.git2 import CalledProcessError
from infra.libs.git2 import INVALID
from infra.libs.git2 import repo
SHA1_RE = re.compile(r'[0-9a-fA-F]{40}') # TODO: move this to
PUSH_TIMEOUT = 18 * 60
MIRRORED_COMMIT = 'Cr-Mirrored-Commit'
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# We only care about the master branch.
REF_NAME = 'refs/heads/master'
# The last commit in chromium/src that was copied from Subversion.
# Only commits after this can be relied upon to have a suitable DEPS
# file, so we start here. (In other repos we can simply start at the
# beginning of history.)
# TODO(crbug/895967): move this to builder config, once the ability
# to specify on the command line has been deployed.
# TODO: this was cloned from sync_submodules/ Refactor for sharing?
def _Humanish(url):
if url.endswith('.git'):
url = url[:-4]
slash = url.rfind('/')
if slash != -1: # pragma: no cover
url = url[slash + 1:]
return url
def reify_submodules(origin_repo, target, dry_run=False,
limit=None, extra_submodules=None, epoch=None):
shadow = repo.Repo(target)
shadow.dry_run = dry_run
shadow.repos_dir = origin_repo.repos_dir
synth_parent = shadow["refs/heads/master"].commit
if synth_parent is INVALID:
# If the shadow repo doesn't have any commits yet (we're just
# starting up for the first time), start at the beginning of history
# at the origin repo, either the absolute beginning, or the "epoch"
# at which we are configured to start.
if epoch:
processed = origin_repo.get_commit(epoch)
if processed is INVALID:
LOGGER.error("Requested epoch commit %s does not exist", epoch)
return False
# For now, preserve the former behavior when this new "epoch" optional
# argument is missing. But once this new capability is deployed, the
# default behavior here should simply be to always start at the absolute
# beginning: i.e., there's no reason to default to the _CHROMIUM_SRC_EPOCH
# once that value can be explicitly passed in to us from the config.
# Note that looking up _CHROMIUM_SRC_EPOCH on repos other than
# chromium/src produces INVALID, and that's fine (it means we'll
# start at the beginning of history).
processed = origin_repo.get_commit(_CHROMIUM_SRC_EPOCH)
footers =
if MIRRORED_COMMIT not in footers:
LOGGER.error('No footers for synthesized commit %r', synth_parent.hsh)
return False
processed_commit_hash = footers[MIRRORED_COMMIT][0]
processed = origin_repo.get_commit(processed_commit_hash)
if processed is INVALID:
LOGGER.error('Mirrored commit %s (from synth. commit %r) does not exist',
processed_commit_hash, synth_parent.hsh)
return False'starting with tree %r',
count = 0
known_hash = ''
submods = None
path_prefix = '%s/' % _Humanish(origin_repo.url)
resolver = deps2submodules.GitRefResolver(shadow)
commits = origin_repo[processed.hsh].to(origin_repo[REF_NAME],
'', first_parent=True)
for commit in itertools.islice(commits, limit):"at commit %s" % commit.hsh)
original_tree =['tree']
deps_info ='ls-tree', commit.hsh, '--', 'DEPS').split()
if len(deps_info):
# ls-tree output looks something like this:
# 100644 blob 726d435df65288b740ea55d38a5070c9870b8172 DEPS
deps_hash = deps_info[2]
assert SHA1_RE.match(deps_hash)
if deps_hash == known_hash:
# DEPS file has not changed in this commit: no need to repeat
# the parsing/processing of it.
# TODO: When we add support for recurse-deps, either remove or refine
# this optimization. (Even if top-level DEPS hasn't changed, the DEPS
# of a submodule might have.)
# new version of DEPS file
deps_object_path = '%s:DEPS' % commit.hsh
deps_content ='cat-file', 'blob', deps_object_path)
if known_hash:
LOGGER.debug('commit %s has modified DEPS file' % commit.hsh)
submods = submods.withUpdatedDeps(deps_content)
submods = deps2submodules.Deps2Submodules(deps_content,
resolver, path_prefix, extra_submodules)
known_hash = deps_hash
new_tree = submods.UpdateSubmodules(shadow, commit.hsh)
except Exception as e: # pragma: no cover
# TODO: build a wrapping exception the proper way
LOGGER.error("exception happened on %s: %s" % (commit.hsh, str(e)))
# DEPS file does not even exist. This should only happen in the
# very earliest commits of repos (and never in chromium/src,
# because we went to the trouble of finding epoch).
LOGGER.warn('commit %s has no DEPS file' % commit.hsh)
new_tree = original_tree
footers = [(MIRRORED_COMMIT, [commit.hsh])]
data =
parents=[synth_parent.hsh] if synth_parent is not INVALID else [],
synth_parent = shadow.get_commit(shadow.intern(data, 'commit'))
count += 1
if count:
output = shadow.fast_forward_push({shadow[REF_NAME]:synth_parent},
include_err=True, timeout=PUSH_TIMEOUT)
if output: # pragma: no cover
return True