Reland "[graphite] Enable SmallPathAtlas."

This is a reland of commit 87c2058eba6c4deadf076781e5e6565c6b4e4884

Original change's description:
> [graphite] Enable SmallPathAtlas.
> Uses the transformed and conservatively clipped path bounds to
> determine whether a path is small enough to be stored in this atlas
> rather than the RasterPathAtlas.
> Also fixes some minor bugs in initialization and sets up atlas
> compaction.
> Bug: b/294378744
> Change-Id: I6d9b71b5737bc39809e51a22aa037be51775f144
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> Reviewed-by: Arman Uguray <>
> Reviewed-by: Michael Ludwig <>
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Bug: b/294378744
Change-Id: Id0c40ee1e1f4c1e0f12319d99bfa7a493c1bb25a
Commit-Queue: Jim Van Verth <>
Reviewed-by: Michael Ludwig <>
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