Manual Roll Dawn from aa0be6f5777f to c288d62eb31b (14 revisions)

2024-02-29 Expand Mac Intel expectations
2024-02-29 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from 5a3178590581 to bbcbb2de14a6 (1 revision)
2024-02-29 [dawn][wire] Removes remaining references to RequestTracker.
2024-02-29 Define and add Mac/Intel exp to CTS rolls
2024-02-29 Add SharedBufferMemoryD3D12Resource External Interface
2024-02-29 Validate depth attachment size against the first plane size
2024-02-29 [dawn][native][WGPUFutures] Removes TrackedEvent::CompleteIfSpontaneous
2024-02-29 Roll vulkan-deps from 89977a07f1c3 to e6e0194a4a11 (5 revisions)
2024-02-28 Roll third_party/webgpu-cts/ 62389bc77..bc5d36d24 (10 commits)
2024-02-28 Roll ANGLE from a627dd89762e to f8dac42e955d (3 revisions)
2024-02-28 [tint] Make binding space consistent for array length from uniform
2024-02-28 Re-enable BufferZeroInitTests
2024-02-28 [tint][core] Highlight intrinsic table matches / mismatches.
2024-02-28 [tools][fix-tests] Handle unicode in strings.

A manual roll was required bc ([tint][core] Highlight intrinsic table matches / mismatches) changed the error output.

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