Revert "[graphite] Rasterize SmallPathAtlas paths to the Plot backing store."

This reverts commit e90e38d308f6ccdd58d12f9fcc5173663ac853d8.

Reason for revert: SmallPathAtlas blocking Chrome roll.

Original change's description:
> [graphite] Rasterize SmallPathAtlas paths to the Plot backing store.
> Currently in the SmallPathAtlas we rasterize to a separate
> SkAutoPixmapStorage and then copy that data to the DrawAtlas via
> addToAtlas(). This CL changes that to request space in the DrawAtlas,
> and then sets up the SkAutoPixmapStorage to point to the backing
> store for the Plot the path is cached in. Finally we use that for our
> rasterization step. All of this avoids that unnecessary copy.
> Bug: b/294378744
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Bug: b/294378744
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