Rewrite URLs in export to not use the '/_/rsrc' directory.

Sites appears to store all images and other assets both next
to the content files and in a separate '/_/rsrc' directory
hierarchy; I don't know why it does this.

However, after checking, the two copies of the files appear to
always be identical, at least in our case, which means that
we should be able to delete the '/_/rsrc' copy and rewrite the
URLs to just reference the files that are next to the content.

This *significantly* reduces the size of the tree :).

Bug: 1260477
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  12. DEPS
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Source code for

This Git repo contains the source content for

NOTE: 2021-10-19. This is not (yet) actually true. This is a work-in-progress repo that we plan to move to.

The website is implemented by serving static content (mostly Markdown files) that is translated / built ahead of time into HTML using the Eleventy static site generator (which is written in Node/JS) and deployed onto Firebase Cloud Hosting.

The Markdown is translated using a single extremely simple Nunjucks template and the site is served with a single basic Sass/SCSS stylesheet (using the Node/NPM library version of Sass).

Large objects (PDFs, big images, etc.) are stored in a Google Cloud Storage bucket, indexed by SHA-1 checksums that are committed into this repo.

See //docs/ if you wish to contribute to the site.