Revert "Switch tryjob builder to be a Tricium verifier."

This reverts commit fb45fd8b25b38ae0f90f4fb84d61e27a6ff4acff.

Reason for revert: luci-config rejected the change because I only have one builder ...

Original change's description:
> Switch tryjob builder to be a Tricium verifier.
> We will want the tryjob builder to be able to post robot comments
> back to the CL in Gerrit (in order to link to the staged site for
> previews), so we need the builder to be a Tricium verifier.
> This CL switches the builder over.
> Bug: 1260464
> Change-Id: I05906e309f132f17bc81db145e04313c1939d240
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Yiwei Zhang <>
> Commit-Queue: Dirk Pranke <>

Bug: 1260464
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