Minor cleanup of scripts.

This CL removes //scripts/fetch-lobs.py (which never did anything), as
we can use download_from_google_storage instead.

Also, it renames upload-lobs.py to upload_lobs.py, to be consistent
with how we normally name python scripts and modules, and adds a
missing copyright/license block to it.

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  7. .firebaserc
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Source code for www.chromium.org

This Git repo contains the source content for www.chromium.org.

NOTE: 2021-10-19. This is not (yet) actually true. This is a work-in-progress repo that we plan to move to.

The website is implemented by serving static content (mostly Markdown files) that is translated / built ahead of time into HTML using the Eleventy static site generator (which is written in Node/JS) and deployed onto Firebase Cloud Hosting.

The Markdown is translated using a single extremely simple Nunjucks template and the site is served with a single basic Sass/SCSS stylesheet (using the Node/NPM library version of Sass).

Large objects (PDFs, big images, etc.) are stored in a Google Cloud Storage bucket, indexed by SHA-1 checksums that are committed into this repo.

See //docs/CONTRIBUTING.md if you wish to contribute to the site.