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 # Source code for www.chromium.org
 This Git repo contains the source content for
+*NOTE: 2021-10-13.* This is not (yet) actually true. This is a work-in-progress
+repo that we plan to move to.
 The website is implemented by serving static content (mostly Markdown files)
 that is translated / built ahead of time into HTML using the
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 Large objects (PDFs, big images, etc.) are stored in a
 [Google Cloud Storage](cloud.google.com/storage) bucket, indexed by
-SHA-1 checksums that are checked-in to this repo.
+SHA-1 checksums that are committed into this repo.
-See [//docs/CONTRIBUTING.md](docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) if you wish to work on
-the site.
+See [//docs/CONTRIBUTING.md](docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) if you wish to contribute
+to the site.
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     The content will be built into `//build`.
-    $ ./npmw watch
+    $ ./npmw start
 8.  Check in your changes and upload a CL to the Gerrit code review server.