breadcrumbs: '' page_name: network-speed-experiments title: Network Speed Experiments

We're currently experimenting with improving the way clients and servers communicate. Our primary goal is to reduce page load time for end users. This page contains information about some of those experiments.


  • The web has evolved almost entirely out of experiments. The experiments that worked have stuck. For example, did you know that while the web globally in use by 1994, yet HTTP as a protocol was not formally standardized until 1996? Chromium network experiments are intended to follow a similar pattern. Start with designs that make sense, measure prototypes in the lab, measure prototypes in the real world, and iterate. Only if the experiment works will we continue with that work.
  • Our experiments will always be open source.
  • We will always work with standards bodies where appropriate.
  • All experiments are designed to benefit the web at large, never for a single vendor or site.