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function test() {
var textnode1 = document.getElementById("node").firstChild;
var textnode2 = textnode1.splitText(3);
textnode2.nodeValue = "";
var root = document.body;
var it = document.createNodeIterator(root, NodeFilter.SHOW_ELEMENT, NodeFilter.FILTER_ACCEPT, false);
var n = it.nextNode();
while(n) {
n = it.nextNode();
var text = document.getElementById("node").innerText;
<body onload="test();">
<p>If a zero lengthed render object (such as a text node that has been set to "") occured at the end of a line, it was previously given a non-zero sized run.</p>
<p>A crash would occur on iteration over a node containing such a run. NodeIterators, the innerText property, and hovering over a link all use iteration.</p>
<p>This tests iteration using both the innerText property and NodeIterators. It is successful if it doesn't crash Safari.</p>
<a href="#" id="node">hello</a></body></html>