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2013-05-14 Zan Dobersek <>
[GTK] Move generated ColorData.cpp, WebKitFontFamilyNames.(cpp|h) build targets into libPlatform
Reviewed by Gustavo Noronha Silva.
* Move the ANGLE include directories under the new platform_cppflags variable,
adding the DerivedSources/Platform directory. Add the generated sources' build targets to libPlatform
under nodist_libPlatform_la_SOURCES. Add platform_cppflags to the list of libPlatformGtk CPPFLAGS.
Add generation rules for the ColorData.cpp and WebKitFontFamilyNames.(cpp|h) source files, now generated
into the DerivedSources/Platform directory.
2013-05-14 Zan Dobersek <>
[GTK] libPlatform, libPlatformGtk must depend on the related GNUmakefiles
Reviewed by Martin Robinson.
* Set up an artifical dependency so that libPlatform and libPlatformGtk
libraries take into account any changes in this and the
located under Source/WebCore. The latter is included due to all the build targets for the
two libraries being listed there.
2013-05-06 Zan Dobersek <>
[GTK] Move GeolocationProviderGeoclue into libPlatform
Reviewed by Martin Robinson.
* List the Source/WebCore/platform/geoclue directory under platform_webcore_cppflags.
Add Geoclue dependency CPPFLAGS to the list of libPlatform's CPPFLAGS.
2013-04-24 Zan Dobersek <>
[GTK] Move image decoders, some other GStreamer, Cairo and Soup sources to libPlatform
Reviewed by Martin Robinson.
* Add the image-decoders directory and its subdirectories to the list of header inclusion directories.
List the Cairo, GStreamer and Libsoup cppflags under the cppflags libPlatform uses for compiling its sources.
2013-04-22 Zan Dobersek <>
[GTK] Set up
Reviewed by Martin Robinson.
* Set up the static library to build the source files listed in platform_sources.
As with the library, only the Source/WebCore/platform and its subdirectories are allowed to be
searched for headers to include, providing a convenient way to detect any platform violations. These directories
are listed in the platform_webcore_cppflags variable.
2013-04-05 Benjamin Poulain <>
Fix GTK+ for real after r147712
Reviewed by Ryosuke Niwa.
* Added.
* Platform: Added.