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<!DOCTYPE html>
.container {
width: 120px;
position: relative;
left: 50px;
z-index: 0; /* create stacking context */
border: 1px solid black;
background-color: white;
.box {
position: relative;
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
margin: 10px;
background-color: blue;
.force-layer {
-webkit-transform: translateZ(-1px);
.rotate-45deg {
-webkit-transform: rotate(45deg);
.yellow {
background-color: yellow;
.gray {
background-color: gray;
.green {
background-color: green;
outline: 1px solid black;
.animating1 {
-webkit-animation: translate1 2s linear infinite alternate;
@-webkit-keyframes translate1 {
from { -webkit-transform: translate(0px, -110px); }
to { -webkit-transform: translate(0px, 700px); }
if (window.testRunner) {
function queueBoxForAnimation(elementId, animationClass, callback) {
var box = document.getElementById(elementId);
box.addEventListener('webkitAnimationStart', callback, false);
function runTest()
queueBoxForAnimation("to-animate1", "animating1", animationStarted);
function animationStarted()
var layerTrees = "";
if (window.testRunner) {
var layersElement = document.getElementById('layers');
// Make sure we don't include the #layers element in the tree. The text size
// might differ between platforms. = "none";
layerTrees = "Before:\n" + window.internals.layerTreeAsText(document);
// Rotate the first green box, so that it overlaps the first gray box in the container.
// That should force the creation of composited layers for all the other green boxes.
if (window.testRunner) {
layerTrees += "\nAfter:\n" + window.internals.layerTreeAsText(document); = "block";
layersElement.innerText = layerTrees;
window.addEventListener('load', runTest, false);
<!-- Testing that compositor doesn't create unnecessary composited layers when they could be drawn in parents backing texture.
The green boxes should not have composited layers.
<!-- This div will not get a layer -->
<div class="box gray"></div>
<div id="to-animate1" class="box"></div>
<div class="container">
<!-- Force a composited box inside the container. The fact that there's an animation going behind the parent container,
should not force the remaining children of this element create their own composited layers. -->
<div class="box gray force-layer"></div>
<!-- This following have no reason to get a layer, as the parent will get one. -->
<div id="first-green-box" class="box green"></div>
<div class="box green rotate-45deg"></div>
<div class="box green"></div>
<!-- This div will also get a layer -->
<div class="box yellow"></div>
<pre id="layers">Layer tree goes here in DRT</pre>