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// Copyright (c) 2010 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GLSLANG/ShaderLang.h"
#include "compiler/intermediate.h"
class TInfoSinkBase;
struct TLoopInfo {
struct TIndex {
int id; // symbol id.
} index;
TIntermLoop* loop;
typedef TVector<TLoopInfo> TLoopStack;
// Traverses intermediate tree to ensure that the shader does not exceed the
// minimum functionality mandated in GLSL 1.0 spec, Appendix A.
class ValidateLimitations : public TIntermTraverser {
ValidateLimitations(ShShaderType shaderType, TInfoSinkBase& sink);
int numErrors() const { return mNumErrors; }
virtual bool visitBinary(Visit, TIntermBinary*);
virtual bool visitUnary(Visit, TIntermUnary*);
virtual bool visitAggregate(Visit, TIntermAggregate*);
virtual bool visitLoop(Visit, TIntermLoop*);
void error(TSourceLoc loc, const char *reason, const char* token);
bool withinLoopBody() const;
bool isLoopIndex(const TIntermSymbol* symbol) const;
bool validateLoopType(TIntermLoop* node);
bool validateForLoopHeader(TIntermLoop* node, TLoopInfo* info);
bool validateForLoopInit(TIntermLoop* node, TLoopInfo* info);
bool validateForLoopCond(TIntermLoop* node, TLoopInfo* info);
bool validateForLoopExpr(TIntermLoop* node, TLoopInfo* info);
// Returns true if none of the loop indices is used as the argument to
// the given function out or inout parameter.
bool validateFunctionCall(TIntermAggregate* node);
bool validateOperation(TIntermOperator* node, TIntermNode* operand);
// Returns true if indexing does not exceed the minimum functionality
// mandated in GLSL 1.0 spec, Appendix A, Section 5.
bool isConstExpr(TIntermNode* node);
bool isConstIndexExpr(TIntermNode* node);
bool validateIndexing(TIntermBinary* node);
ShShaderType mShaderType;
TInfoSinkBase& mSink;
int mNumErrors;
TLoopStack mLoopStack;