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// Copyright (c) 2002-2012 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Display.h: Defines the egl::Display class, representing the abstract
// display on which graphics are drawn. Implements EGLDisplay.
// [EGL 1.4] section 2.1.2 page 3.
#include "common/system.h"
#include <d3d9.h>
#include <D3Dcompiler.h>
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "libGLESv2/Context.h"
#include "libEGL/Config.h"
#include "libEGL/ShaderCache.h"
#include "libEGL/Surface.h"
const int versionWindowsVista = MAKEWORD(0x00, 0x06);
const int versionWindows7 = MAKEWORD(0x01, 0x06);
// Return the version of the operating system in a format suitable for ordering
// comparison.
inline int getComparableOSVersion()
DWORD version = GetVersion();
int majorVersion = LOBYTE(LOWORD(version));
int minorVersion = HIBYTE(LOWORD(version));
return MAKEWORD(minorVersion, majorVersion);
namespace egl
class Display
bool initialize();
void terminate();
virtual void startScene();
virtual void endScene();
static egl::Display *getDisplay(EGLNativeDisplayType displayId);
bool getConfigs(EGLConfig *configs, const EGLint *attribList, EGLint configSize, EGLint *numConfig);
bool getConfigAttrib(EGLConfig config, EGLint attribute, EGLint *value);
EGLSurface createWindowSurface(HWND window, EGLConfig config, const EGLint *attribList);
EGLSurface createOffscreenSurface(EGLConfig config, HANDLE shareHandle, const EGLint *attribList);
EGLContext createContext(EGLConfig configHandle, const gl::Context *shareContext, bool notifyResets, bool robustAccess);
void destroySurface(egl::Surface *surface);
void destroyContext(gl::Context *context);
bool isInitialized() const;
bool isValidConfig(EGLConfig config);
bool isValidContext(gl::Context *context);
bool isValidSurface(egl::Surface *surface);
bool hasExistingWindowSurface(HWND window);
EGLint getMinSwapInterval();
EGLint getMaxSwapInterval();
virtual IDirect3DDevice9 *getDevice();
virtual D3DCAPS9 getDeviceCaps();
virtual D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 *getAdapterIdentifier();
virtual bool testDeviceLost();
virtual bool testDeviceResettable();
virtual void sync(bool block);
virtual IDirect3DQuery9* allocateEventQuery();
virtual void freeEventQuery(IDirect3DQuery9* query);
virtual void getMultiSampleSupport(D3DFORMAT format, bool *multiSampleArray);
virtual bool getDXT1TextureSupport();
virtual bool getDXT3TextureSupport();
virtual bool getDXT5TextureSupport();
virtual bool getEventQuerySupport();
virtual bool getFloat32TextureSupport(bool *filtering, bool *renderable);
virtual bool getFloat16TextureSupport(bool *filtering, bool *renderable);
virtual bool getLuminanceTextureSupport();
virtual bool getLuminanceAlphaTextureSupport();
virtual bool getVertexTextureSupport() const;
virtual bool getNonPower2TextureSupport() const;
virtual bool getDepthTextureSupport() const;
virtual bool getOcclusionQuerySupport() const;
virtual bool getInstancingSupport() const;
virtual float getTextureFilterAnisotropySupport() const;
virtual D3DPOOL getBufferPool(DWORD usage) const;
virtual D3DPOOL getTexturePool(DWORD usage) const;
virtual void notifyDeviceLost();
bool isDeviceLost();
bool isD3d9ExDevice() const { return mD3d9Ex != NULL; }
const char *getExtensionString() const;
bool shareHandleSupported() const;
virtual IDirect3DVertexShader9 *createVertexShader(const DWORD *function, size_t length);
virtual IDirect3DPixelShader9 *createPixelShader(const DWORD *function, size_t length);
virtual HRESULT compileShaderSource(const char* hlsl, const char* sourceName, const char* profile, DWORD flags, ID3DBlob** binary, ID3DBlob** errorMessage);
Display(EGLNativeDisplayType displayId, HDC deviceContext, bool software);
D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS getDefaultPresentParameters();
bool restoreLostDevice();
EGLNativeDisplayType mDisplayId;
const HDC mDc;
HMODULE mD3d9Module;
UINT mAdapter;
D3DDEVTYPE mDeviceType;
IDirect3D9 *mD3d9; // Always valid after successful initialization.
IDirect3D9Ex *mD3d9Ex; // Might be null if D3D9Ex is not supported.
IDirect3DDevice9 *mDevice;
IDirect3DDevice9Ex *mDeviceEx; // Might be null if D3D9Ex is not supported.
// A pool of event queries that are currently unused.
std::vector<IDirect3DQuery9*> mEventQueryPool;
VertexShaderCache mVertexShaderCache;
PixelShaderCache mPixelShaderCache;
D3DCAPS9 mDeviceCaps;
D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 mAdapterIdentifier;
HWND mDeviceWindow;
bool mSceneStarted;
EGLint mMaxSwapInterval;
EGLint mMinSwapInterval;
bool mSoftwareDevice;
bool mSupportsNonPower2Textures;
typedef std::set<Surface*> SurfaceSet;
SurfaceSet mSurfaceSet;
ConfigSet mConfigSet;
typedef std::set<gl::Context*> ContextSet;
ContextSet mContextSet;
bool mDeviceLost;
bool createDevice();
void initializeDevice();
bool resetDevice();
void initExtensionString();
std::string mExtensionString;
typedef HRESULT (WINAPI *D3DCompileFunc)(LPCVOID pSrcData,
SIZE_T SrcDataSize,
LPCSTR pSourceName,
ID3DInclude* pInclude,
LPCSTR pEntrypoint,
LPCSTR pTarget,
UINT Flags1,
UINT Flags2,
ID3DBlob** ppCode,
ID3DBlob** ppErrorMsgs);
HMODULE mD3dCompilerModule;
D3DCompileFunc mD3DCompileFunc;