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// Copyright (c) 2002-2013 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <map>
#define GL_APICALL
#include <GLES2/gl2.h>
#include "compiler/intermediate.h"
#include "compiler/ParseHelper.h"
#include "compiler/Uniform.h"
namespace sh
class UnfoldShortCircuit;
class OutputHLSL : public TIntermTraverser
OutputHLSL(TParseContext &context, const ShBuiltInResources& resources, ShShaderOutput outputType);
void output();
TInfoSinkBase &getBodyStream();
const ActiveUniforms &getUniforms();
TString typeString(const TType &type);
TString textureString(const TType &type);
static TString qualifierString(TQualifier qualifier);
static TString arrayString(const TType &type);
static TString initializer(const TType &type);
static TString decorate(const TString &string); // Prepends an underscore to avoid naming clashes
static TString decorateUniform(const TString &string, const TType &type);
static TString decorateField(const TString &string, const TType &structure);
void header();
// Visit AST nodes and output their code to the body stream
void visitSymbol(TIntermSymbol*);
void visitConstantUnion(TIntermConstantUnion*);
bool visitBinary(Visit visit, TIntermBinary*);
bool visitUnary(Visit visit, TIntermUnary*);
bool visitSelection(Visit visit, TIntermSelection*);
bool visitAggregate(Visit visit, TIntermAggregate*);
bool visitLoop(Visit visit, TIntermLoop*);
bool visitBranch(Visit visit, TIntermBranch*);
void traverseStatements(TIntermNode *node);
bool isSingleStatement(TIntermNode *node);
bool handleExcessiveLoop(TIntermLoop *node);
void outputTriplet(Visit visit, const TString &preString, const TString &inString, const TString &postString);
void outputLineDirective(int line);
TString argumentString(const TIntermSymbol *symbol);
int vectorSize(const TType &type) const;
void addConstructor(const TType &type, const TString &name, const TIntermSequence *parameters);
const ConstantUnion *writeConstantUnion(const TType &type, const ConstantUnion *constUnion);
TString scopeString(unsigned int depthLimit);
TString scopedStruct(const TString &typeName);
TString structLookup(const TString &typeName);
TParseContext &mContext;
const ShShaderOutput mOutputType;
UnfoldShortCircuit *mUnfoldShortCircuit;
bool mInsideFunction;
// Output streams
TInfoSinkBase mHeader;
TInfoSinkBase mBody;
TInfoSinkBase mFooter;
typedef std::map<TString, TIntermSymbol*> ReferencedSymbols;
ReferencedSymbols mReferencedUniforms;
ReferencedSymbols mReferencedAttributes;
ReferencedSymbols mReferencedVaryings;
// Parameters determining what goes in the header output
bool mUsesTexture2D;
bool mUsesTexture2D_bias;
bool mUsesTexture2DLod;
bool mUsesTexture2DProj;
bool mUsesTexture2DProj_bias;
bool mUsesTexture2DProjLod;
bool mUsesTextureCube;
bool mUsesTextureCube_bias;
bool mUsesTextureCubeLod;
bool mUsesTexture2DLod0;
bool mUsesTexture2DLod0_bias;
bool mUsesTexture2DProjLod0;
bool mUsesTexture2DProjLod0_bias;
bool mUsesTextureCubeLod0;
bool mUsesTextureCubeLod0_bias;
bool mUsesFragColor;
bool mUsesFragData;
bool mUsesDepthRange;
bool mUsesFragCoord;
bool mUsesPointCoord;
bool mUsesFrontFacing;
bool mUsesPointSize;
bool mUsesXor;
bool mUsesMod1;
bool mUsesMod2v;
bool mUsesMod2f;
bool mUsesMod3v;
bool mUsesMod3f;
bool mUsesMod4v;
bool mUsesMod4f;
bool mUsesFaceforward1;
bool mUsesFaceforward2;
bool mUsesFaceforward3;
bool mUsesFaceforward4;
bool mUsesEqualMat2;
bool mUsesEqualMat3;
bool mUsesEqualMat4;
bool mUsesEqualVec2;
bool mUsesEqualVec3;
bool mUsesEqualVec4;
bool mUsesEqualIVec2;
bool mUsesEqualIVec3;
bool mUsesEqualIVec4;
bool mUsesEqualBVec2;
bool mUsesEqualBVec3;
bool mUsesEqualBVec4;
bool mUsesAtan2_1;
bool mUsesAtan2_2;
bool mUsesAtan2_3;
bool mUsesAtan2_4;
int mNumRenderTargets;
typedef std::set<TString> Constructors;
Constructors mConstructors;
typedef std::set<TString> StructNames;
StructNames mStructNames;
typedef std::list<TString> StructDeclarations;
StructDeclarations mStructDeclarations;
typedef std::vector<int> ScopeBracket;
ScopeBracket mScopeBracket;
unsigned int mScopeDepth;
int mUniqueIndex; // For creating unique names
bool mContainsLoopDiscontinuity;
bool mOutputLod0Function;
bool mInsideDiscontinuousLoop;
TIntermSymbol *mExcessiveLoopIndex;
int mUniformRegister;
int mSamplerRegister;
TString registerString(TIntermSymbol *operand);
int samplerRegister(TIntermSymbol *sampler);
int uniformRegister(TIntermSymbol *uniform);
void declareUniform(const TType &type, const TString &name, int index);
static GLenum glVariableType(const TType &type);
static GLenum glVariablePrecision(const TType &type);
ActiveUniforms mActiveUniforms;