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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Test the coverage builder.
:copyright: Copyright 2007-2014 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.
import pickle
from util import with_app
def test_build(app):
py_undoc = (app.outdir / 'python.txt').text()
assert py_undoc.startswith('Undocumented Python objects\n'
assert 'test_autodoc\n------------\n' in py_undoc
assert ' * Class -- missing methods:\n' in py_undoc
assert ' * process_docstring\n' in py_undoc
assert ' * function\n' not in py_undoc # these two are documented
assert ' * Class\n' not in py_undoc # in autodoc.txt
assert ' * mod -- No module named mod' # in the "failed import" section
c_undoc = (app.outdir / 'c.txt').text()
assert c_undoc.startswith('Undocumented C API elements\n'
assert 'api.h' in c_undoc
assert ' * Py_SphinxTest' in c_undoc
undoc_py, undoc_c = pickle.loads((app.outdir / 'undoc.pickle').bytes())
assert len(undoc_c) == 1
# the key is the full path to the header file, which isn't testable
assert undoc_c.values()[0] == [('function', 'Py_SphinxTest')]
assert 'test_autodoc' in undoc_py
assert 'funcs' in undoc_py['test_autodoc']
assert 'process_docstring' in undoc_py['test_autodoc']['funcs']
assert 'classes' in undoc_py['test_autodoc']
assert 'Class' in undoc_py['test_autodoc']['classes']
assert 'undocmeth' in undoc_py['test_autodoc']['classes']['Class']