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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Test the versioning implementation.
:copyright: Copyright 2007-2014 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.
import pickle
from docutils.parsers.rst.directives.html import MetaBody
from sphinx import addnodes
from sphinx.versioning import add_uids, merge_doctrees, get_ratio
from sphinx.util.pycompat import all
from util import test_root, TestApp
app = original = original_uids = None
def setup_module():
global app, original, original_uids
app = TestApp() = app
app.connect('doctree-resolved', on_doctree_resolved)
original = doctrees['versioning/original']
original_uids = [n.uid for n in add_uids(original, is_paragraph)]
def teardown_module():
(test_root / '_build').rmtree(True)
doctrees = {}
def on_doctree_resolved(app, doctree, docname):
doctrees[docname] = doctree
def is_paragraph(node):
return node.__class__.__name__ == 'paragraph'
def test_get_ratio():
assert get_ratio('', 'a')
assert get_ratio('a', '')
def test_add_uids():
assert len(original_uids) == 3
def test_picklablility():
# we have to modify the doctree so we can pickle it
copy = original.copy()
copy.reporter = None
copy.transformer = None
copy.settings.warning_stream = None
copy.settings.env = None
copy.settings.record_dependencies = None
for metanode in copy.traverse(MetaBody.meta):
metanode.__class__ = addnodes.meta
loaded = pickle.loads(pickle.dumps(copy, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL))
assert all(getattr(n, 'uid', False) for n in loaded.traverse(is_paragraph))
def test_modified():
modified = doctrees['versioning/modified']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, modified, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in modified.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert not new_nodes
assert original_uids == uids
def test_added():
added = doctrees['versioning/added']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, added, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in added.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert len(new_nodes) == 1
assert original_uids == uids[:-1]
def test_deleted():
deleted = doctrees['versioning/deleted']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, deleted, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in deleted.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert not new_nodes
assert original_uids[::2] == uids
def test_deleted_end():
deleted_end = doctrees['versioning/deleted_end']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, deleted_end, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in deleted_end.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert not new_nodes
assert original_uids[:-1] == uids
def test_insert():
insert = doctrees['versioning/insert']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, insert, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in insert.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert len(new_nodes) == 1
assert original_uids[0] == uids[0]
assert original_uids[1:] == uids[2:]
def test_insert_beginning():
insert_beginning = doctrees['versioning/insert_beginning']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, insert_beginning, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in insert_beginning.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert len(new_nodes) == 1
assert len(uids) == 4
assert original_uids == uids[1:]
assert original_uids[0] != uids[0]
def test_insert_similar():
insert_similar = doctrees['versioning/insert_similar']
new_nodes = list(merge_doctrees(original, insert_similar, is_paragraph))
uids = [n.uid for n in insert_similar.traverse(is_paragraph)]
assert len(new_nodes) == 1
assert new_nodes[0].rawsource == u'Anyway I need more'
assert original_uids[0] == uids[0]
assert original_uids[1:] == uids[2:]