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For the changelog from version 1.0, look at the file CHANGES.
Release 0.6.7 (Jun 05, 2010)
* #440: Remove usage of a Python >= 2.5 API in the ``literalinclude``
* Fix a bug that prevented some references being generated in the
LaTeX builder.
* #428: Add some missing CSS styles for standard docutils classes.
* #432: Fix UnicodeErrors while building LaTeX in translated locale.
Release 0.6.6 (May 25, 2010)
* Handle raw nodes in the ``text`` writer.
* Fix a problem the Qt help project generated by the ``qthelp``
builder that would lead to no content being displayed in the Qt
* #393: Fix the usage of Unicode characters in mathematic formulas
when using the ``pngmath`` extension.
* #404: Make ``\and`` work properly in the author field of the
``latex_documents`` setting.
* #409: Make the ``highlight_language`` config value work properly
in the LaTeX builder.
* #418: Allow relocation of the translation JavaScript files to
the system directory on Unix systems.
* #414: Fix handling of Windows newlines in files included with
the ``literalinclude`` directive.
* #377: Fix crash in linkcheck builder.
* #387: Fix the display of search results in ``dirhtml`` output.
* #376: In autodoc, fix display of parameter defaults containing
* #370: Fix handling of complex list item labels in LaTeX output.
* #374: Make the ``doctest_path`` config value of the doctest
extension actually work.
* Fix the handling of multiple toctrees when creating the global
TOC for the ``toctree()`` template function.
* Fix the handling of hidden toctrees when creating the global TOC
for the ``toctree()`` template function.
* Fix the handling of nested lists in the text writer.
* #362: In autodoc, check for the existence of ``__self__`` on
function objects before accessing it.
* #353: Strip leading and trailing whitespace when extracting
search words in the search function.
Release 0.6.5 (Mar 01, 2010)
* In autodoc, fix the omission of some module members explicitly
documented using documentation comments.
* #345: Fix cropping of sidebar scroll bar with ``stickysidebar``
option of the default theme.
* #341: Always generate UNIX newlines in the quickstart Makefile.
* #338: Fix running with ``-C`` under Windows.
* In autodoc, allow customizing the signature of an object where
the built-in mechanism fails.
* #331: Fix output for enumerated lists with start values in LaTeX.
* Make the ``start-after`` and ``end-before`` options to the
``literalinclude`` directive work correctly if not used together.
* #321: Fix link generation in the LaTeX builder.
Release 0.6.4 (Jan 12, 2010)
* Improve the handling of non-Unicode strings in the configuration.
* #316: Catch OSErrors occurring when calling graphviz with
arguments it doesn't understand.
* Restore compatibility with Pygments >= 1.2.
* #295: Fix escaping of hyperref targets in LaTeX output.
* #302: Fix links generated by the ``:doc:`` role for LaTeX output.
* #286: collect todo nodes after the whole document has been read;
this allows placing substitution references in todo items.
* #294: do not ignore an explicit ``today`` config value in a
LaTeX build.
* The ``alt`` text of inheritance diagrams is now much cleaner.
* Ignore images in section titles when generating link captions.
* #310: support exception messages in the ``testoutput`` blocks of
the ``doctest`` extension.
* #293: line blocks are styled properly in HTML output.
* #285: make the ``locale_dirs`` config value work again.
* #303: ``html_context`` values given on the command line via ``-A``
should not override other values given in
* Fix a bug preventing incremental rebuilds for the ``dirhtml``
* #299: Fix the mangling of quotes in some literal blocks.
* #292: Fix path to the search index for the ``dirhtml`` builder.
* Fix a Jython compatibility issue: make the dependence on the
``parser`` module optional.
* #238: In autodoc, catch all errors that occur on module import,
not just ``ImportError``.
* Fix the handling of non-data, but non-method descriptors in autodoc.
* When copying file times, ignore OSErrors raised by ``os.utime()``.
Release 0.6.3 (Sep 03, 2009)
* Properly add C module filenames as dependencies in autodoc.
* #253: Ignore graphviz directives without content instead of
raising an unhandled exception.
* #241: Fix a crash building LaTeX output for documents that contain
a todolist directive.
* #252: Make it easier to change the build dir in the Makefiles
generated by quickstart.
* #220: Fix CSS so that displaymath really is centered.
* #222: Allow the "Footnotes" header to be translated.
* #225: Don't add whitespace in generated HTML after inline tags.
* #227: Make ``literalinclude`` work when the document's path
name contains non-ASCII characters.
* #229: Fix autodoc failures with members that raise errors
on ``getattr()``.
* #205: When copying files, don't copy full stat info, only
modification times.
* #232: Support non-ASCII metadata in Qt help builder.
* Properly format bullet lists nested in definition lists for LaTeX.
* Section titles are now allowed inside ``only`` directives.
* #201: Make ``centered`` directive work in LaTeX output.
* #206: Refuse to overwrite an existing master document in
* #208: Use MS-sanctioned locale settings, determined by the
``language`` config option, in the HTML help builder.
* #210: Fix nesting of HTML tags for displayed math from pngmath
* #213: Fix centering of images in LaTeX output.
* #211: Fix compatibility with docutils 0.5.
Release 0.6.2 (Jun 16, 2009)
* #130: Fix obscure IndexError in doctest extension.
* #167: Make glossary sorting case-independent.
* #196: Add a warning if an extension module doesn't have a
``setup()`` function.
* #158: Allow '..' in template names, and absolute template paths;
Jinja 2 by default disables both.
* When highlighting Python code, ignore extra indentation before
trying to parse it as Python.
* #191: Don't escape the tilde in URIs in LaTeX.
* Don't consider contents of source comments for the search index.
* Set the default encoding to ``utf-8-sig`` to handle files with a
UTF-8 BOM correctly.
* #178: apply ``add_function_parentheses`` config value to C
functions as promised.
* #173: Respect the docutils ``title`` directive.
* #172: The ``obj`` role now links to modules as promised.
* #19: Tables now can have a "longtable" class, in order to get
correctly broken into pages in LaTeX output.
* Look for Sphinx message catalogs in the system default path before
trying ``sphinx/locale``.
* Fix the search for methods via "classname.methodname".
* #155: Fix Python 2.4 compatibility: exceptions are old-style
classes there.
* #150: Fix display of the "sphinxdoc" theme on Internet Explorer
versions 6 and 7.
* #146: Don't fail to generate LaTeX when the user has an active
``.docutils`` configuration.
* #29: Don't generate visible "-{-}" in option lists in LaTeX.
* Fix cross-reference roles when put into substitutions.
* Don't put image "alt" text into table-of-contents entries.
* In the LaTeX writer, do not raise an exception on too many section
levels, just use the "subparagraph" level for all of them.
* #145: Fix autodoc problem with automatic members that refuse to be
getattr()'d from their parent.
* If specific filenames to build are given on the command line,
check that they are within the source directory.
* Fix autodoc crash for objects without a ``__name__``.
* Fix intersphinx for installations without urllib2.HTTPSHandler.
* #134: Fix pending_xref leftover nodes when using the todolist
directive from the todo extension.
Release 0.6.1 (Mar 26, 2009)
* #135: Fix problems with LaTeX output and the graphviz extension.
* #132: Include the autosummary "module" template in the distribution.
Release 0.6 (Mar 24, 2009)
New features added
* Incompatible changes:
- Templating now requires the Jinja2 library, which is an enhanced
version of the old Jinja1 engine. Since the syntax and semantic
is largely the same, very few fixes should be necessary in
custom templates.
- The "document" div tag has been moved out of the ``layout.html``
template's "document" block, because the closing tag was already
outside. If you overwrite this block, you need to remove your
"document" div tag as well.
- The ``autodoc_skip_member`` event now also gets to decide
whether to skip members whose name starts with underscores.
Previously, these members were always automatically skipped.
Therefore, if you handle this event, add something like this
to your event handler to restore the old behavior::
if name.startswith('_'):
return True
* Theming support, see the new section in the documentation.
* Markup:
- Due to popular demand, added a ``:doc:`` role which directly
links to another document without the need of creating a
label to which a ``:ref:`` could link to.
- #4: Added a ``:download:`` role that marks a non-document file
for inclusion into the HTML output and links to it.
- Added an ``only`` directive that can selectively include text
based on enabled "tags". Tags can be given on the command
line. Also, the current builder output format (e.g. "html" or
"latex") is always a defined tag.
- #10: Added HTML section numbers, enabled by giving a
``:numbered:`` flag to the ``toctree`` directive.
- #114: Added an ``abbr`` role to markup abbreviations and
- The ``literalinclude`` directive now supports several more
options, to include only parts of a file.
- The ``toctree`` directive now supports a ``:hidden:`` flag,
which will prevent links from being generated in place of
the directive -- this allows you to define your document
structure, but place the links yourself.
- #123: The ``glossary`` directive now supports a ``:sorted:``
flag that sorts glossary entries alphabetically.
- Paths to images, literal include files and download files
can now be absolute (like ``/images/foo.png``). They are
treated as relative to the top source directory.
- #52: There is now a ``hlist`` directive, creating a compact
list by placing distributing items into multiple columns.
- #77: If a description environment with info field list only
contains one ``:param:`` entry, no bullet list is generated.
- #6: Don't generate redundant ``<ul>`` for top-level TOC tree
items, which leads to a visual separation of TOC entries.
- #23: Added a ``classmethod`` directive along with ``method``
and ``staticmethod``.
- Scaled images now get a link to the unscaled version.
- SVG images are now supported in HTML (via ``<object>`` and
``<embed>`` tags).
- Added a ``toctree`` callable to the templates, and the ability
to include external links in toctrees. The 'collapse' keyword
argument indicates whether or not to only display subitems of
the current page. (Defaults to True.)
* Configuration:
- The new config value ``rst_epilog`` can contain reST that is
appended to each source file that is read. This is the right
place for global substitutions.
- The new ``html_add_permalinks`` config value can be used to
switch off the generated "paragraph sign" permalinks for each
heading and definition environment.
- The new ``html_show_sourcelink`` config value can be used to
switch off the links to the reST sources in the sidebar.
- The default value for ``htmlhelp_basename`` is now the project
title, cleaned up as a filename.
- The new ``modindex_common_prefix`` config value can be used to
ignore certain package names for module index sorting.
- The new ``trim_footnote_reference_space`` config value mirrors
the docutils config value of the same name and removes the
space before a footnote reference that is necessary for reST
to recognize the reference.
- The new ``latex_additional_files`` config value can be used to
copy files (that Sphinx doesn't copy automatically, e.g. if they
are referenced in custom LaTeX added in ``latex_elements``) to
the build directory.
* Builders:
- The HTML builder now stores a small file named ``.buildinfo`` in
its output directory. It stores a hash of config values that
can be used to determine if a full rebuild needs to be done (e.g.
after changing ``html_theme``).
- New builder for Qt help collections, by Antonio Valentino.
- The new ``DirectoryHTMLBuilder`` (short name ``dirhtml``) creates
a separate directory for every page, and places the page there
in a file called ``index.html``. Therefore, page URLs and links
don't need to contain ``.html``.
- The new ``html_link_suffix`` config value can be used to select
the suffix of generated links between HTML files.
- #96: The LaTeX builder now supports figures wrapped by text, when
using the ``figwidth`` option and right/left alignment.
* New translations:
- Italian by Sandro Dentella.
- Ukrainian by Petro Sasnyk.
- Finnish by Jukka Inkeri.
- Russian by Alexander Smishlajev.
* Extensions and API:
- New ``graphviz`` extension to embed graphviz graphs.
- New ``inheritance_diagram`` extension to embed... inheritance
- New ``autosummary`` extension that generates summaries of
modules and automatic documentation of modules.
- Autodoc now has a reusable Python API, which can be used to
create custom types of objects to auto-document (e.g. Zope
interfaces). See also ``Sphinx.add_autodocumenter()``.
- Autodoc now handles documented attributes.
- Autodoc now handles inner classes and their methods.
- Autodoc can document classes as functions now if explicitly
marked with `autofunction`.
- Autodoc can now exclude single members from documentation
via the ``exclude-members`` option.
- Autodoc can now order members either alphabetically (like
previously) or by member type; configurable either with the
config value ``autodoc_member_order`` or a ``member-order``
option per directive.
- The function ``Sphinx.add_directive()`` now also supports
docutils 0.5-style directive classes. If they inherit from
``sphinx.util.compat.Directive``, they also work with
docutils 0.4.
- There is now a ``Sphinx.add_lexer()`` method to be able to use
custom Pygments lexers easily.
- There is now ``Sphinx.add_generic_role()`` to mirror the
docutils' own function.
* Other changes:
- Config overrides for single dict keys can now be given on the
command line.
- There is now a ``doctest_global_setup`` config value that can
be used to give setup code for all doctests in the documentation.
- Source links in HTML are now generated with ``rel="nofollow"``.
- Quickstart can now generate a Windows ``make.bat`` file.
- #62: There is now a ``-w`` option for sphinx-build that writes
warnings to a file, in addition to stderr.
- There is now a ``-W`` option for sphinx-build that turns warnings
into errors.
Release 0.5.2 (Mar 24, 2009)
* Properly escape ``|`` in LaTeX output.
* #71: If a decoding error occurs in source files, print a
warning and replace the characters by "?".
* Fix a problem in the HTML search if the index takes too long
to load.
* Don't output system messages while resolving, because they
would stay in the doctrees even if keep_warnings is false.
* #82: Determine the correct path for dependencies noted by
docutils. This fixes behavior where a source with dependent
files was always reported as changed.
* Recognize toctree directives that are not on section toplevel,
but within block items, such as tables.
* Use a new RFC base URL, since seems down.
* Fix a crash in the todolist directive when no todo items are
* Don't call LaTeX or dvipng over and over again if it was not
found once, and use text-only latex as a substitute in that case.
* Fix problems with footnotes in the LaTeX output.
* Prevent double hyphens becoming en-dashes in literal code in
the LaTeX output.
* Open literalinclude files in universal newline mode to allow
arbitrary newline conventions.
* Actually make the ``-Q`` option work.
* #86: Fix explicit document titles in toctrees.
* #81: Write environment and search index in a manner that is safe
from exceptions that occur during dumping.
* #80: Fix UnicodeErrors when a locale is set with setlocale().
Release 0.5.1 (Dec 15, 2008)
* #67: Output warnings about failed doctests in the doctest extension
even when running in quiet mode.
* #72: In pngmath, make it possible to give a full path to LaTeX and
dvipng on Windows. For that to work, the ``pngmath_latex`` and
``pngmath_dvipng`` options are no longer split into command and
additional arguments; use ``pngmath_latex_args`` and
``pngmath_dvipng_args`` to give additional arguments.
* Don't crash on failing doctests with non-ASCII characters.
* Don't crash on writing status messages and warnings containing
unencodable characters.
* Warn if a doctest extension block doesn't contain any code.
* Fix the handling of ``:param:`` and ``:type:`` doc fields when
they contain markup (especially cross-referencing roles).
* #65: Fix storage of depth information for PNGs generated by the
pngmath extension.
* Fix autodoc crash when automethod is used outside a class context.
* #68: Fix LaTeX writer output for images with specified height.
* #60: Fix wrong generated image path when including images in sources
in subdirectories.
* Fix the JavaScript search when html_copy_source is off.
* Fix an indentation problem in autodoc when documenting classes
with the option ``autoclass_content = "both"`` set.
* Don't crash on empty index entries, only emit a warning.
* Fix a typo in the search JavaScript code, leading to unusable
search function in some setups.
Release 0.5 (Nov 23, 2008) -- Birthday release!
New features added
* Markup features:
- Citations are now global: all citation defined in any file can be
referenced from any file. Citations are collected in a bibliography
for LaTeX output.
- Footnotes are now properly handled in the LaTeX builder: they appear
at the location of the footnote reference in text, not at the end of
a section. Thanks to Andrew McNamara for the initial patch.
- "System Message" warnings are now automatically removed from the
built documentation, and only written to stderr. If you want the
old behavior, set the new config value ``keep_warnings`` to True.
- Glossary entries are now automatically added to the index.
- Figures with captions can now be referred to like section titles,
using the ``:ref:`` role without an explicit link text.
- Added ``cmember`` role for consistency.
- Lists enumerated by letters or roman numerals are now handled like in
standard reST.
- The ``seealso`` directive can now also be given arguments, as a short
- You can now document several programs and their options with the
new ``program`` directive.
* HTML output and templates:
- Incompatible change: The "root" relation link (top left in the
relbar) now points to the ``master_doc`` by default, no longer to a
document called "index". The old behavior, while useful in some
situations, was somewhat unexpected. Override the "rootrellink"
block in the template to customize where it refers to.
- The JavaScript search now searches for objects before searching in
the full text.
- TOC tree entries now have CSS classes that make it possible to
style them depending on their depth.
- Highlighted code blocks now have CSS classes that make it possible
to style them depending on their language.
- HTML ``<meta>`` tags via the docutils ``meta`` directive are now
- ``SerializingHTMLBuilder`` was added as new abstract builder that
can be subclassed to serialize build HTML in a specific format. The
``PickleHTMLBuilder`` is a concrete subclass of it that uses pickle
as serialization implementation.
- ``JSONHTMLBuilder`` was added as another ``SerializingHTMLBuilder``
subclass that dumps the generated HTML into JSON files for further
- The ``rellinks`` block in the layout template is now called
``linktags`` to avoid confusion with the relbar links.
- The HTML builders have two additional attributes now that can be
used to disable the anchor-link creation after headlines and
definition links.
- Only generate a module index if there are some modules in the
* New and changed config values:
- Added support for internationalization in generated text with the
``language`` and ``locale_dirs`` config values. Many thanks to
language contributors:
* Horst Gutmann -- German
* Pavel Kosina -- Czech
* David Larlet -- French
* MichaƂ Kandulski -- Polish
* Yasushi Masuda -- Japanese
* Guillem Borrell -- Spanish
* Luc Saffre and Peter Bertels -- Dutch
* Fred Lin -- Traditional Chinese
* Roger Demetrescu -- Brazilian Portuguese
* Rok Garbas -- Slovenian
- The new config value ``highlight_language`` set a global default for
highlighting. When ``'python3'`` is selected, console output blocks
are recognized like for ``'python'``.
- Exposed Pygments' lexer guessing as a highlight "language" ``guess``.
- The new config value ``latex_elements`` allows to override all LaTeX
snippets that Sphinx puts into the generated .tex file by default.
- Added ``exclude_dirnames`` config value that can be used to exclude
e.g. CVS directories from source file search.
- Added ``source_encoding`` config value to select input encoding.
* Extensions:
- The new extensions ``sphinx.ext.jsmath`` and ``sphinx.ext.pngmath``
provide math support for both HTML and LaTeX builders.
- The new extension ``sphinx.ext.intersphinx`` half-automatically
creates links to Sphinx documentation of Python objects in other
- The new extension ``sphinx.ext.todo`` allows the insertion of
"To do" directives whose visibility in the output can be toggled.
It also adds a directive to compile a list of all todo items.
- sphinx.ext.autodoc has a new event ``autodoc-process-signature``
that allows tuning function signature introspection.
- sphinx.ext.autodoc has a new event ``autodoc-skip-member`` that allows
tuning which members are included in the generated content.
- Respect __all__ when autodocumenting module members.
- The `automodule` directive now supports the ``synopsis``,
``deprecated`` and ``platform`` options.
* Extension API:
- ``Sphinx.add_node()`` now takes optional visitor methods for the
HTML, LaTeX and text translators; this prevents having to manually
patch the classes.
- Added ``Sphinx.add_javascript()`` that adds scripts to load in the
default HTML template.
- Added new events: ``source-read``, ``env-updated``,
``env-purge-doc``, ``missing-reference``, ``build-finished``.
* Other changes:
- Added a command-line switch ``-Q``: it will suppress warnings.
- Added a command-line switch ``-A``: it can be used to supply
additional values into the HTML templates.
- Added a command-line switch ``-C``: if it is given, no configuration
file ```` is required.
- Added a distutils command `build_sphinx`: When Sphinx is installed,
you can call ``python build_sphinx`` for projects that have
Sphinx documentation, which will build the docs and place them in
the standard distutils build directory.
- In quickstart, if the selected root path already contains a Sphinx
project, complain and abort.
Bugs fixed
* #51: Escape configuration values placed in HTML templates.
* #44: Fix small problems in HTML help index generation.
* Fix LaTeX output for line blocks in tables.
* #38: Fix "illegal unit" error when using pixel image widths/heights.
* Support table captions in LaTeX output.
* #39: Work around a bug in Jinja that caused "<generator ...>" to be
emitted in HTML output.
* Fix a problem with module links not being generated in LaTeX output.
* Fix the handling of images in different directories.
* #29: Support option lists in the text writer. Make sure that dashes
introducing long option names are not contracted to en-dashes.
* Support the "scale" option for images in HTML output.
* #25: Properly escape quotes in HTML help attribute values.
* Fix LaTeX build for some description environments with ``:noindex:``.
* #24: Don't crash on uncommon casing of role names (like ``:Class:``).
* Only output ANSI colors on color terminals.
* Update to newest fncychap.sty, to fix problems with non-ASCII
characters at the start of chapter titles.
* Fix a problem with index generation in LaTeX output, caused by
hyperref not being included last.
* Don't disregard return annotations for functions without any parameters.
* Don't throw away labels for code blocks.
Release 0.4.3 (Oct 8, 2008)
* Fix a bug in autodoc with directly given autodoc members.
* Fix a bug in autodoc that would import a module twice, once as
"module", once as "module.".
* Fix a bug in the HTML writer that created duplicate ``id``
attributes for section titles with docutils 0.5.
* Properly call ``super()`` in overridden blocks in templates.
* Add a fix when using XeTeX.
* Unify handling of LaTeX escaping.
* Rebuild everything when the ``extensions`` config value changes.
* Don't try to remove a nonexisting static directory.
* Fix an indentation problem in production lists.
* Fix encoding handling for literal include files: ``literalinclude``
now has an ``encoding`` option that defaults to UTF-8.
* Fix the handling of non-ASCII characters entered in quickstart.
* Fix a crash with nonexisting image URIs.
Release 0.4.2 (Jul 29, 2008)
* Fix rendering of the ``samp`` role in HTML.
* Fix a bug with LaTeX links to headings leading to a wrong page.
* Reread documents with globbed toctrees when source files are
added or removed.
* Add a missing parameter to PickleHTMLBuilder.handle_page().
* Put inheritance info always on its own line.
* Don't automatically enclose code with whitespace in it in quotes;
only do this for the ``samp`` role.
* autodoc now emits a more precise error message when a module
can't be imported or an attribute can't be found.
* The JavaScript search now uses the correct file name suffix when
referring to found items.
* The automodule directive now accepts the ``inherited-members``
and ``show-inheritance`` options again.
* You can now rebuild the docs normally after relocating the source
and/or doctree directory.
Release 0.4.1 (Jul 5, 2008)
* Added sub-/superscript node handling to TextBuilder.
* Label names in references are now case-insensitive, since reST
label names are always lowercased.
* Fix linkcheck builder crash for malformed URLs.
* Add compatibility for admonitions and docutils 0.5.
* Remove the silly restriction on "rubric" in the LaTeX writer: you
can now write arbitrary "rubric" directives, and only those with
a title of "Footnotes" will be ignored.
* Copy the HTML logo to the output ``_static`` directory.
* Fix LaTeX code for modules with underscores in names and platforms.
* Fix a crash with nonlocal image URIs.
* Allow the usage of :noindex: in ``automodule`` directives, as
* Fix the ``delete()`` docstring processor function in autodoc.
* Fix warning message for nonexisting images.
* Fix JavaScript search in Internet Explorer.
Release 0.4 (Jun 23, 2008)
New features added
* ``tocdepth`` can be given as a file-wide metadata entry, and
specifies the maximum depth of a TOC of this file.
* The new config value `default_role` can be used to select the
default role for all documents.
* Sphinx now interprets field lists with fields like ``:param foo:``
in description units.
* The new `staticmethod` directive can be used to mark methods as
static methods.
* HTML output:
- The "previous" and "next" links have a more logical structure, so
that by following "next" links you can traverse the entire TOC
- The new event `html-page-context` can be used to include custom
values into the context used when rendering an HTML template.
- Document metadata is now in the default template context, under
the name `metadata`.
- The new config value `html_favicon` can be used to set a favicon
for the HTML output. Thanks to Sebastian Wiesner.
- The new config value `html_use_index` can be used to switch index
generation in HTML documents off.
- The new config value `html_split_index` can be used to create
separate index pages for each letter, to be used when the complete
index is too large for one page.
- The new config value `html_short_title` can be used to set a
shorter title for the documentation which is then used in the
navigation bar.
- The new config value `html_show_sphinx` can be used to control
whether a link to Sphinx is added to the HTML footer.
- The new config value `html_file_suffix` can be used to set the
HTML file suffix to e.g. ``.xhtml``.
- The directories in the `html_static_path` can now contain
- The module index now isn't collapsed if the number of submodules
is larger than the number of toplevel modules.
* The image directive now supports specifying the extension as ``.*``,
which makes the builder select the one that matches best. Thanks to
Sebastian Wiesner.
* The new config value `exclude_trees` can be used to exclude whole
subtrees from the search for source files.
* Defaults for configuration values can now be callables, which allows
dynamic defaults.
* The new TextBuilder creates plain-text output.
* Python 3-style signatures, giving a return annotation via ``->``,
are now supported.
* Extensions:
- The autodoc extension now offers a much more flexible way to
manipulate docstrings before including them into the output, via
the new `autodoc-process-docstring` event.
- The `autodoc` extension accepts signatures for functions, methods
and classes now that override the signature got via introspection
from Python code.
- The `autodoc` extension now offers a ``show-inheritance`` option
for autoclass that inserts a list of bases after the signature.
- The autodoc directives now support the ``noindex`` flag option.
Bugs fixed
* Correctly report the source location for docstrings included with
* Fix the LaTeX output of description units with multiple signatures.
* Handle the figure directive in LaTeX output.
* Handle raw admonitions in LaTeX output.
* Fix determination of the title in HTML help output.
* Handle project names containing spaces.
* Don't write SSI-like comments in HTML output.
* Rename the "sidebar" class to "sphinxsidebar" in order to stay different
from reST sidebars.
* Use a binary TOC in HTML help generation to fix issues links without
explicit anchors.
* Fix behavior of references to functions/methods with an explicit title.
* Support citation, subscript and superscript nodes in LaTeX writer.
* Provide the standard "class" directive as "cssclass"; else it is
shadowed by the Sphinx-defined directive.
* Fix the handling of explicit module names given to autoclass directives.
They now show up with the correct module name in the generated docs.
* Enable autodoc to process Unicode docstrings.
* The LaTeX writer now translates line blocks with ``\raggedright``,
which plays nicer with tables.
* Fix bug with directories in the HTML builder static path.
Release 0.3 (May 6, 2008)
New features added
* The ``toctree`` directive now supports a ``glob`` option that allows
glob-style entries in the content.
* If the `pygments_style` config value contains a dot it's treated as the
import path of a custom Pygments style class.
* A new config value, `exclude_dirs`, can be used to exclude whole
directories from the search for source files.
* The configuration directory (containing ````) can now be set
independently from the source directory. For that, a new command-line
option ``-c`` has been added.
* A new directive ``tabularcolumns`` can be used to give a tabular column
specification for LaTeX output. Tables now use the ``tabulary`` package.
Literal blocks can now be placed in tables, with several caveats.
* A new config value, `latex_use_parts`, can be used to enable parts in LaTeX
* Autodoc now skips inherited members for classes, unless you give the
new ``inherited-members`` option.
* A new config value, `autoclass_content`, selects if the docstring of the
class' ``__init__`` method is added to the directive's body.
* Support for C++ class names (in the style ``Class::Function``) in C function
* Support for a ``toctree_only`` item in items for the ``latex_documents``
config value. This only includes the documents referenced by TOC trees in the
output, not the rest of the file containing the directive.
Bugs fixed
* sphinx.htmlwriter: Correctly write the TOC file for any structure of the
master document. Also encode non-ASCII characters as entities in TOC
and index file. Remove two remaining instances of hard-coded
* sphinx.ext.autodoc: descriptors are detected properly now.
* sphinx.latexwriter: implement all reST admonitions, not just ``note``
and ``warning``.
* Lots of little fixes to the LaTeX output and style.
* Fix OpenSearch template and make template URL absolute. The
`html_use_opensearch` config value now must give the base URL.
* Some unused files are now stripped from the HTML help file build.
Release 0.2 (Apr 27, 2008)
Incompatible changes
* Jinja, the template engine used for the default HTML templates, is now
no longer shipped with Sphinx. If it is not installed automatically for
you (it is now listed as a dependency in ````), install it manually
from PyPI. This will also be needed if you're using Sphinx from a SVN
checkout; in that case please also remove the ``sphinx/jinja`` directory
that may be left over from old revisions.
* The clumsy handling of the ``index.html`` template was removed. The config
value ``html_index`` is gone, and ``html_additional_pages`` should be used
instead. If you need it, the old ``index.html`` template is still there,
called ``defindex.html``, and you can port your html_index template, using
Jinja inheritance, by changing your template::
{% extends "defindex.html" %}
{% block tables %}
... old html_index template content ...
{% endblock %}
and putting ``'index': name of your template`` in ``html_additional_pages``.
* In the layout template, redundant ``block``\s were removed; you should use
Jinja's standard ``{{ super() }}`` mechanism instead, as explained in the
(newly written) templating docs.
New features added
* Extension API (Application object):
- Support a new method, ``add_crossref_type``. It works like
``add_description_unit`` but the directive will only create a target
and no output.
- Support a new method, ``add_transform``. It takes a standard docutils
``Transform`` subclass which is then applied by Sphinx' reader on
parsing reST document trees.
- Add support for other template engines than Jinja, by adding an
abstraction called a "template bridge". This class handles rendering
of templates and can be changed using the new configuration value
- The config file itself can be an extension (if it provides a ``setup()``
* Markup:
- New directive, ``currentmodule``. It can be used to indicate the module
name of the following documented things without creating index entries.
- Allow giving a different title to documents in the toctree.
- Allow giving multiple options in a ``cmdoption`` directive.
- Fix display of class members without explicit class name given.
* Templates (HTML output):
- ``index.html`` renamed to ``defindex.html``, see above.
- There's a new config value, ``html_title``, that controls the overall
"title" of the set of Sphinx docs. It is used instead everywhere instead of
"Projectname vX.Y documentation" now.
- All references to "documentation" in the templates have been removed, so
that it is now easier to use Sphinx for non-documentation documents with
the default templates.
- Templates now have an XHTML doctype, to be consistent with docutils'
HTML output.
- You can now create an OpenSearch description file with the
``html_use_opensearch`` config value.
- You can now quickly include a logo in the sidebar, using the ``html_logo``
config value.
- There are new blocks in the sidebar, so that you can easily insert content
into the sidebar.
* LaTeX output:
- The ``sphinx.sty`` package was cleaned of unused stuff.
- You can include a logo in the title page with the ``latex_logo`` config
- You can define the link colors and a border and background color for
verbatim environments.
Thanks to Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Talin, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven and Sebastian
Wiesner for suggestions.
Bugs fixed
* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Don't check ``__module__`` for explicitly given
members. Remove "self" in class constructor argument list.
* sphinx.htmlwriter: Don't use os.path for joining image HREFs.
* sphinx.htmlwriter: Don't use SmartyPants for HTML attribute values.
* sphinx.latexwriter: Implement option lists. Also, some other changes
were made to ``sphinx.sty`` in order to enhance compatibility and
remove old unused stuff. Thanks to Gael Varoquaux for that!
* sphinx.roles: Fix referencing glossary terms with explicit targets.
* sphinx.environment: Don't swallow TOC entries when resolving subtrees.
* sphinx.quickstart: Create a sensible default latex_documents setting.
* sphinx.builder, sphinx.environment: Gracefully handle some user error
* sphinx.util: Follow symbolic links when searching for documents.
Release 0.1.61950 (Mar 26, 2008)
* sphinx.quickstart: Fix format string for Makefile.
Release 0.1.61945 (Mar 26, 2008)
* sphinx.htmlwriter, sphinx.latexwriter: Support the ``.. image::``
directive by copying image files to the output directory.
* sphinx.builder: Consistently name "special" HTML output directories
with a leading underscore; this means ``_sources`` and ``_static``.
* sphinx.environment: Take dependent files into account when collecting
the set of outdated sources.
* sphinx.directives: Record files included with ``.. literalinclude::``
as dependencies.
* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Record files from which docstrings are included
as dependencies.
* sphinx.builder: Rebuild all HTML files in case of a template change.
* sphinx.builder: Handle unavailability of TOC relations (previous/
next chapter) more gracefully in the HTML builder.
* sphinx.latexwriter: Include fncychap.sty which doesn't seem to be
very common in TeX distributions. Add a ``clean`` target in the
latex Makefile. Really pass the correct paper and size options
to the LaTeX document class.
* setup: On Python 2.4, don't egg-depend on docutils if a docutils is
already installed -- else it will be overwritten.
Release 0.1.61843 (Mar 24, 2008)
* sphinx.quickstart: Really don't create a makefile if the user
doesn't want one.
* setup: Don't install scripts twice, via setuptools entry points
and distutils scripts. Only install via entry points.
* sphinx.builder: Don't recognize the HTML builder's copied source
files (under ``_sources``) as input files if the source suffix is
* sphinx.highlighting: Generate correct markup for LaTeX Verbatim
environment escapes even if Pygments is not installed.
* sphinx.builder: The WebHTMLBuilder is now called PickleHTMLBuilder.
* sphinx.htmlwriter: Make parsed-literal blocks work as expected,
not highlighting them via Pygments.
* sphinx.environment: Don't error out on reading an empty source file.
Release 0.1.61798 (Mar 23, 2008)
* sphinx: Work with docutils SVN snapshots as well as 0.4.
* sphinx.ext.doctest: Make the group in which doctest blocks are
placed selectable, and default to ``'default'``.
* sphinx.ext.doctest: Replace ``<BLANKLINE>`` in doctest blocks by
real blank lines for presentation output, and remove doctest
options given inline.
* sphinx.environment: Move doctest_blocks out of block_quotes to
support indented doctest blocks.
* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Render ``.. automodule::`` docstrings in a
section node, so that module docstrings can contain proper
* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Use the module's encoding for decoding
docstrings, rather than requiring ASCII.
Release 0.1.61611 (Mar 21, 2008)
* First public release.