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.. _storagebackends:
.. currentmodule::
Storage Backends
To create a custom storage backend you will need to subclass the
:class:`StorageBackend` class. Then create an instance of the new class and
pass that as the `storage` keyword argument when you create the
:class:`~.WebSupport` object::
support = WebSupport(srcdir=srcdir,
For more information about creating a custom storage backend, please see the
documentation of the :class:`StorageBackend` class below.
.. class:: StorageBackend
Defines an interface for storage backends.
StorageBackend Methods
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.pre_build
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.add_node
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.post_build
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.add_comment
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.delete_comment
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.get_data
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.process_vote
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.update_username
.. automethod:: StorageBackend.accept_comment