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* Thanks to Marc Schlaich (schlamar) for a fix for Python2.5
* Thanks to Jurko for fix on 64-bit Windows CPython2.5 w/o ctypes (issue #56)
* Thanks to Remi Rampin for:
* better github integration, incl rendered README and Travis config.
* fixed forward slashes in README
* Thanks to Florian Bruhin for fix when stdout or stderr are None
* Thanks to Simeon Visser for:
* closing a file handle using 'with'
* updating classifiers to include Python 3.3 and 3.4
* Thanks to Thomas Weininger for fix ValueError on Windows (issue #50)
* Fixed crash on exit with closed stdout, with thanks to Marc Abramowitz.
* Now uses setuptools if available, and falls back to distutils if not.
* no longer imports anything from colorama source.
* Move repository to Git, (My Mercurial
repo seemed to be corrupted, I couldn't commit nor view patches of old
commits, even on fresh checkouts.)
* Fix always-crash on non-Windows platforms, reported by Matt McCormick.
* Fix issue #47, incompatible with pyreadline.
Fix problem under 64-bit windows due to ctypes HANDLE size.
Submitted by the rather magnificent Ben Hoyt.
This fixes issue 43 (
Add copyright & licensing info to every file, as requested by a large
downstream project which has problems making sure that all 3rd party
contributions have appropriate license.
Severeral documentation & demo fixes.
Fix to work on Windows 7.
Python 3 compatibility in docs and demos.
Add handling for 'cursor up' and 'get position' ANSI codes.
Split changelog out into separate file.
Fix bug which caused init() to raise, introduced in 0.2.1.
Remove asserts which cause problems in various circumstances. At least
some users saw asserts fail on 'success' returned from win32 functions,
even though the win32 functions appear to have worked correctly.
Completely broken: I added a bug which caused init() to raise.
Added some documentation for cursor positioning and clear screen to README.
Add 'reinit' and 'deinit' functions, as suggested by Charles FOL and
Romanov DA.
Merge in changes from Daniel Griffith: Add ANSI cursor positioning &
partial support for clear screen. Patch submitted by Oscar Lester, don't
send RESET_ALL to non-tty. Demos split into separate files and moved into
their own directory. Tweak sys.path in demos so they run against local
source, not installed version of Colorama.
Fix README (no such attr as Fore.DEFAULT, etc), kindly reported by nodakai.
Prevent printing of garbage ANSI codes upon installing with pip
Re-upload to fix previous error. Make clean now removes old MANIFEST.
Completely broken. Distribution was empty due to leftover invalid MANIFEST
file from building on a different platform.
Fix python3 incompatibility kindly reported by G |uumlaut| nter Kolousek
Fix hard-coded reset to white-on-black colors. Fore.RESET, Back.RESET
and Style.RESET_ALL now revert to the colors as they were when init()
was called. Some lessons hopefully learned about testing prior to release.
Completely broken: barfed when installed using pip.
Completely broken: contained no source code. double oops.
Completely broken: fatal import errors on Ubuntu. oops.
Stop emulating 'bright' text with bright backgrounds.
Display 'normal' text using win32 normal foreground instead of bright.
Drop support for 'dim' text.
Fix incompatibility with Python 2.5 and earlier.
Remove dependency on setuptools, now uses stdlib distutils.
Fix ghastly errors all over the place on Ubuntu.
Add init kwargs 'convert' and 'strip', which supercede the old 'wrap'.
Python 3 compatible.
Fix: Now strips ansi on windows without necessarily converting it to
win32 calls (eg. if output is not a tty.)
Fix: Flaky interaction of interleaved ansi sent to stdout and stderr.
Improved (hg checkout only.)
Fix ansi sequences with no params now default to parmlist of [0].
Fix flaky behaviour of autoreset and reset_all atexit.
Fix stacking of repeated atexit calls - now just called once.
Fix ghastly import problems while running tests.
'' (hg checkout only) now demonstrates autoreset and reset atexit.
Provide colorama.VERSION, used by
Tests defanged so they no longer actually change terminal color when run.
Now works on Ubuntu.
Implemented RESET_ALL on application exit
Implemented init(wrap=False)
Implemented init(autoreset=True)
Minor tidy
Works on Windows for foreground color, background color, bright or dim
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