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#!/bin/sh -e
root=$(git rev-parse --show-cdup 2>/dev/null) || \
{ echo "Not under git control. Cannot install git hooks." >&2 ; exit 0 ; }
dst="${root}"$(git rev-parse --git-path hooks/)
src=util/git-hooks/ # relative to root
hooks=$(cd "${root}${src}" && git ls-files -c | grep -Ev '|')
for h in $hooks; do
# Test if hook is not already installed, i.e. doesn't point at the wrapper
if [ ! "${dst}$h" -ef "${root}${src}" ]; then
# preserve custom hooks if any
if [ -e "${dst}$h" ]; then
mv "${dst}$h" "${dst}$h.local"
ln -s "$(git rev-parse --prefix $(git rev-parse --git-path hooks/) --show-cdup)${src}" \