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Powerful Disassembler Library For x86/AMD64

Welcome to the diStorm3 binary stream disassembler library project.

diStorm3 is really a decomposer, which means it takes an instruction and returns a binary structure which describes it rather than static text, which is great for advanced binary code analysis.

diStorm3 is super lightweight (~45KB), ultra fast and easy to use (a single API)!

“We benchmarked five popular open-source disassembly libraries and chose diStorm3, which had the best performance (and furthermore, has complete 64-bit support).”, July 2014, Quoting David Williams-King in his Thesis about Binary Shuffling.

diStorm3 is licensed under BSD!

Installing diStorm3 - Clone repo locally and then ‘python setup.py install’ or alternatively: ‘python -m pip install distorm3’.

For Windows, use these pre-built installers in https://pypi.org/project/distorm3/#files.

RTFM, the wiki has plenty of info.