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// Copyright 2013 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Author: (Dick Sites)
// Unit test compact language detector, CLD2
// Compile with -Davoid_utf8_string_constants if your compiler cannot
// handle UTF-8 string constants
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "../public/compact_lang_det.h"
#include "../public/encodings.h"
#include "unittest_data.h"
namespace CLD2 {
// Test strings.
const char* kTeststr_en =
"confiscation of goods is assigned as the penalty part most of the courts "
"consist of members and when it is necessary to bring public cases before a "
"jury of members two courts combine for the purpose the most important cases "
"of all are brought jurors or";
typedef struct {
Language lang;
const char* text;
} TestPair;
static const TestPair kTestPair[] = {
// A simple case to begin
{ENGLISH, kTeststr_en},
// 20 languages recognized via Unicode script
{ARMENIAN, kTeststr_hy_Armn},
{CHEROKEE, kTeststr_chr_Cher},
{DHIVEHI, kTeststr_dv_Thaa},
{GEORGIAN, kTeststr_ka_Geor},
{GREEK, kTeststr_el_Grek},
{GUJARATI, kTeststr_gu_Gujr},
{INUKTITUT, kTeststr_iu_Cans},
{KANNADA, kTeststr_kn_Knda},
{KHMER, kTeststr_km_Khmr},
{LAOTHIAN, kTeststr_lo_Laoo},
{LIMBU, kTeststr_lif_Limb},
{MALAYALAM, kTeststr_ml_Mlym},
{ORIYA, kTeststr_or_Orya},
{PUNJABI, kTeststr_pa_Guru},
{SINHALESE, kTeststr_si_Sinh},
{SYRIAC, kTeststr_syr_Syrc},
{TAGALOG, kTeststr_tl_Tglg}, // Also in quadgram list below
{TAMIL, kTeststr_ta_Taml},
{TELUGU, kTeststr_te_Telu},
{THAI, kTeststr_th_Thai},
// 4 languages regognized via single letters
{CHINESE, kTeststr_zh_Hans},
{CHINESE_T, kTeststr_zh_Hant},
{JAPANESE, kTeststr_ja_Hani},
{KOREAN, kTeststr_ko_Hani},
// 60 languages recognized via combinations of four letters
{AFRIKAANS, kTeststr_af_Latn},
{ALBANIAN, kTeststr_sq_Latn},
{ARABIC, kTeststr_ar_Arab},
{AZERBAIJANI, kTeststr_az_Latn},
{BASQUE, kTeststr_eu_Latn},
{BELARUSIAN, kTeststr_be_Cyrl},
{BENGALI, kTeststr_bn_Beng}, // No Assamese in subset
{BIHARI, kTeststr_bh_Deva},
{BULGARIAN, kTeststr_bg_Cyrl},
{CATALAN, kTeststr_ca_Latn},
{CEBUANO, kTeststr_ceb_Latn},
{CROATIAN, kTeststr_hr_Latn},
{CZECH, kTeststr_cs_Latn},
{DANISH, kTeststr_da_Latn},
{DUTCH, kTeststr_nl_Latn},
{ENGLISH, kTeststr_en_Latn},
{ESTONIAN, kTeststr_et_Latn},
{FINNISH, kTeststr_fi_Latn},
{FRENCH, kTeststr_fr_Latn},
{GALICIAN, kTeststr_gl_Latn},
{GANDA, kTeststr_lg_Latn},
{GERMAN, kTeststr_de_Latn},
{HAITIAN_CREOLE, kTeststr_ht_Latn},
{HEBREW, kTeststr_iw_Hebr},
{HINDI, kTeststr_hi_Deva},
{HMONG, kTeststr_blu_Latn},
{HUNGARIAN, kTeststr_hu_Latn},
{ICELANDIC, kTeststr_is_Latn},
{INDONESIAN, kTeststr_id_Latn},
{IRISH, kTeststr_ga_Latn},
{ITALIAN, kTeststr_it_Latn},
{JAVANESE, kTeststr_jw_Latn},
{KINYARWANDA, kTeststr_rw_Latn},
{LATVIAN, kTeststr_lv_Latn},
{LITHUANIAN, kTeststr_lt_Latn},
{MACEDONIAN, kTeststr_mk_Cyrl},
{MALAY, kTeststr_ms_Latn},
{MALTESE, kTeststr_mt_Latn},
{MARATHI, kTeststr_mr_Deva},
{NEPALI, kTeststr_ne_Deva},
{NORWEGIAN, kTeststr_no_Latn},
{PERSIAN, kTeststr_fa_Arab},
{POLISH, kTeststr_pl_Latn},
{PORTUGUESE, kTeststr_pt_Latn},
{ROMANIAN, kTeststr_ro_Latn},
{ROMANIAN, kTeststr_ro_Cyrl},
{RUSSIAN, kTeststr_ru_Cyrl},
{SCOTS_GAELIC, kTeststr_gd_Latn},
{SERBIAN, kTeststr_sr_Cyrl},
{SERBIAN, kTeststr_sr_Latn},
{SLOVAK, kTeststr_sk_Latn},
{SLOVENIAN, kTeststr_sl_Latn},
{SPANISH, kTeststr_es_Latn},
{SWAHILI, kTeststr_sw_Latn},
{SWEDISH, kTeststr_sv_Latn},
{TAGALOG, kTeststr_tl_Latn},
{TURKISH, kTeststr_tr_Latn},
{UKRAINIAN, kTeststr_uk_Cyrl},
{URDU, kTeststr_ur_Arab},
{VIETNAMESE, kTeststr_vi_Latn},
{WELSH, kTeststr_cy_Latn},
{YIDDISH, kTeststr_yi_Hebr},
// Added 2013.08.31 so-Latn ig-Latn ha-Latn yo-Latn zu-Latn
{SOMALI, kTeststr_so_Latn},
{IGBO, kTeststr_ig_Latn},
{HAUSA, kTeststr_ha_Latn},
{YORUBA, kTeststr_yo_Latn},
{ZULU, kTeststr_zu_Latn},
// Added 2014.01.22 bs-Latn
{BOSNIAN, kTeststr_bs_Latn},
// 2 statistically-close languages
{INDONESIAN, kTeststr_id_close},
{MALAY, kTeststr_ms_close},
// Simple intermixed French/English text
{FRENCH, kTeststr_fr_en_Latn},
// Cross-check the main quadgram table build date
// Change the expected language each time it is rebuilt
//{WELSH, kTeststr_version}, // 2013.07.15
{AZERBAIJANI, kTeststr_version}, // 2014.01.31
{UNKNOWN_LANGUAGE, NULL}, // Must be last
bool OneTest(int flags, bool get_vector,
Language lang_expected, const char* buffer, int buffer_length) {
bool is_plain_text = true;
const char* tldhint = "";
const Encoding enchint = UNKNOWN_ENCODING;
const Language langhint = UNKNOWN_LANGUAGE;
const CLDHints cldhints = {NULL, tldhint, enchint, langhint};
Language language3[3];
int percent3[3];
double normalized_score3[3];
ResultChunkVector resultchunkvector;
int text_bytes;
bool is_reliable;
Language lang_detected = ExtDetectLanguageSummary(
get_vector ? &resultchunkvector : NULL,
// expose DumpExtLang DumpLanguages
bool ok = (lang_detected == lang_expected);
if (!ok) {
if ((flags & kCLDFlagHtml) != 0) {
fprintf(stderr, "*** Wrong result. expected %s, detected %s<br>\n",
LanguageName(lang_expected), LanguageName(lang_detected));
fprintf(stdout, "*** Wrong result. expected %s, detected %s\n",
LanguageName(lang_expected), LanguageName(lang_detected));
fprintf(stdout, "%s\n\n", buffer);
if (get_vector) {
DumpResultChunkVector(stderr, buffer, &resultchunkvector);
#if 0
DumpExtLang(flags, summary_lang, language3, percent3, normalized_score3,
text_bytes, is_reliable, n);
if ((flags & kCLDFlagHtml) != 0) {
language3, percent3, text_bytes, is_reliable, n);
fprintf(stdout, " SummaryLanguage %s%s at %u of %d, %s\n",
is_reliable ? "" : "(un-reliable)",
return ok;
void InitHtmlOut(int flags) {
#if 1
if ((flags & kCLDFlagHtml) != 0) {
// Begin HTML file
fprintf(stderr, "<html><meta charset=\"UTF-8\"><body>\n");
// Encourage browsers to print background colors
fprintf(stderr, "<style media=\"print\" type=\"text/css\"> "
":root { -webkit-print-color-adjust: exact; } </style>\n");
fprintf(stderr, "<span style=\"font-size: 7pt\">\n");
fprintf(stderr, "file = %s<br>\n", "cld2_unittest");
void FinishHtmlOut(int flags) {
#if 1
if ((flags & kCLDFlagHtml) != 0) {
fprintf(stderr, "\n</span></body></html>\n");
int RunTests (int flags, bool get_vector) {
fprintf(stdout, "CLD2 version: %s\n", CLD2::DetectLanguageVersion());
bool any_fail = false;
int i = 0;
while (kTestPair[i].text != NULL) {
Language lang_expected = kTestPair[i].lang;
const char* buffer = kTestPair[i].text;
int buffer_length = strlen(buffer);
bool ok = OneTest(flags, get_vector, lang_expected, buffer, buffer_length);
any_fail |= (!ok);
if (any_fail) {
fprintf(stderr, "FAIL\n");
fprintf(stdout, "FAIL\n");
} else {
fprintf(stderr, "PASS\n");
fprintf(stdout, "PASS\n");
return 0;
} // End namespace CLD2
int main(int argc, char** argv) {
// Get command-line flags
int flags = 0;
bool get_vector = false;
for (int i = 1; i < argc; ++i) {
if (strcmp(argv[i], "--html") == 0) {flags |= CLD2::kCLDFlagHtml;}
if (strcmp(argv[i], "--cr") == 0) {flags |= CLD2::kCLDFlagCr;}
if (strcmp(argv[i], "--verbose") == 0) {flags |= CLD2::kCLDFlagVerbose;}
if (strcmp(argv[i], "--quiet") == 0) {flags |= CLD2::kCLDFlagQuiet;}
if (strcmp(argv[i], "--echo") == 0) {flags |= CLD2::kCLDFlagEcho;}
if (strcmp(argv[i], "--vector") == 0) {get_vector = true;}
return CLD2::RunTests(flags, get_vector);