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This library is intended to be used with the Python version of Google
Cloud Endpoints. If you'd like to learn more about Google Cloud
Endpoints, please visit our `documentation`_. To run each of these samples,
you should include the ``endpoints_proto_datastore`` `folder`_ included with
this project.
By extending the functionality provided by ``ndb.Model`` class and the
``endpoints`` library, this library allows you to directly interact with
model entities in your API methods rather than ProtoRPC requests. For
example, instead of:
.. code:: python
@endpoints.method(MyModelMessage, MyModelMessage,
path='mymodel', http_method='POST',
def InsertModel(self, request):
my_model = MyModel(attr1=request.attr1, attr2=request.attr2, ...)
transformed_model = DoSomething(my_model)
return MyModelMessage(attr1=transformed_model.attr1,
attr2=transformed_model.attr2, ...)
we can directly use the entity in the request:
.. code:: python
@MyModel.method(path='mymodel', http_method='POST',
def InsertModel(self, my_model):
return DoSomething(my_model)
without ever even having to define a ProtoRPC message class!
Get started with the `examples`_.
Project Setup, Installation, and Configuration
To use this library in your App Engine application you can
- Download the `endpoints_proto_datastore`_ library and unzip it in the root
of your App Engine application. For example, on a Unix based machine:
.. code:: bash
(${GAE_PROJECT_ROOT})$ wget ""`
`"" \
(${GAE_PROJECT_ROOT})$ unzip
- Alternatively you can stay up to date by adding this repository to
your project as a ``git`` `submodule`_:
.. code:: bash
(${YOUR_GIT_ROOT})$ git submodule add
This will create the entire project in the ``endpoints-proto-datastore``
folder in your project. Since `Python packages`_ require ````
files for imports to work and the root of this project is not meant to be a
Python package, you'll need to add ``endpoints-proto-datastore`` to your
Python import path.
The simplest way to do this is to add the following lines to your
``_ file (or create the file if it doesn't yet exist):
.. code:: python
import os
import sys
ENDPOINTS_PROJECT_DIR = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__),
**Note**: If the App Engine project stored in your ``git`` repository
is not at the root, you may need to add a symlink to the
``endpoints-proto-datastore/endpoints_proto_datastore`` directory and
put it at the root of your App Engine project.
To install App Engine visit the `Development Environment`_ page.
Features, Questions and Support
- To request a feature, report a bug, or request a new sample or piece
of documentation; please `file an issue`_.
- For troubleshooting issues or asking general questions, please
`ask a question`_ on StackOverflow using the ``endpoints-proto-datastore``
All tests are wrapped into the ``_
module. To run the tests, simply execute
.. code:: bash
$ python ${PATH_TO_TEST_RUNNER}/
This test runner assumes that you have App Engine SDK tools on your path
and will use the location of the ```` script to
determine the location of the SDK. For example, on a Unix based system
it would be equivalent to:
.. code:: bash
$ dirname `readlink \`which\``
Contributing changes
- See ``_
- To create docs for a contributed example, use `pycco`_. For example:
.. code:: bash
$ pycco example_name/
- See `LICENSE`_
- **Note**: The test runner includes some code from the Twisted
project, which is `listed under terms other than Apache 2.0`_.
.. _documentation:
.. _folder:
.. _examples:
.. _endpoints_proto_datastore:
.. _submodule:
.. _Python packages:
.. _Development Environment:
.. _file an issue:
.. _ask a question:
.. _pycco:
.. _listed under terms other than Apache 2.0:
.. |pypi| image::