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The cl_offline_compiler program used for offline compilation must
implement the following interface.
usage: cl_offline_compiler --source FILE --output FILE
--cl-device-info FILE --mode MODE
positional arguments:
BUILD_OPTIONS additional options to pass to the compiler
optional arguments:
--source FILE OpenCL C source file to compile
--output FILE SPIR-V or binary file to create
--cl-device-info FILE OpenCL device info file
--mode compilation mode (spir-v or binary)
The --cl-device-info file is a list of KEY=VALUE pairs containing device
information relevant to the mode of offline compilation in question.
It is of the following form:
# OpenCL device info affecting <SPIR-V|binary> offline compilation:
CL_DEVICE_EXTENSIONS="<space separated list of CL extensions>"
CL_DEVICE_IL_VERSION="<space separated list of IL versions>"
CL_DEVICE_VERSION="OpenCL <version> <vendor info>"
CL_DEVICE_NAME="device name"