Split math_brute_force files (#1169)

* Split math_brute_force files

Split each file into two: one covering float and the other covering
double. The goal is to make it possible to diff files to identify bugs
more easily, reduce differences between code for float and double, and
ultimately reduce code duplication in all math_brute_force.

Signed-off-by: Marco Antognini <marco.antognini@arm.com>

* Address clang-format issues

In be936303 (Remove dead code in math_brute_force (#1117), 2021-01-20)
the code was reformatted using git-clang-format, which apparently is less
reliable than clang-format itself when changes occur in large files.

With the previous split of large files, git-clang-format complains about
the format of code originating from binary_two_results_i.cpp.

Signed-off-by: Marco Antognini <marco.antognini@arm.com>
40 files changed