Generate VulkanHeaders config

Vulkan-Loader calls find_package(VulkanHeaders). Provide the config so
that Vulkan-Loader can find Vulkan::Headers.
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Vulkan header files and API registry

Advance Notice of Pending Header Change (posted 2020-04-06)

Shortly after 2020-04-24, we will be removing the automatically generated VK_*_BEGIN_RANGE, VK_*_END_RANGE, and VK_*_RANGE_SIZE tokens from the Vulkan headers. These tokens are currently defined for some enumerated types, but are explicitly not part of the Vulkan API. They existed only to support some Vulkan implementation internals, which no longer require them. We will be accepting comments on this topic in, but we strongly suggest any external projects using these tokens immediately migrate away from them.

Repository Content

The contents of this repository are largely obtained from other repositories and are collected, coordinated, and curated here.

Do not propose pull requests to this repository which modify any files under include/vulkan/ or registry/. All such files are generated from the Vulkan-Docs repository and, in the case of include/vulkan/vulkan.hpp, the Vulkan-Hpp repository. Any changes must be made in those repositories.

The projects for these repositories are:

Please visit the appropriate project in the above list for obtaining additional information, asking questions, or opening issues.

Version Tagging Scheme

Updates to the Vulkan-Headers repository which correspond to a new Vulkan specification release are tagged using the following format: v<version> (e.g., v1.1.96).

Note: Marked version releases have undergone thorough testing but do not imply the same quality level as SDK tags. SDK tags follow the sdk-<version>.<patch> format (e.g., sdk-

This scheme was adopted following the 1.1.96 Vulkan specification release.