Vulkan Loader and Validation Layers Repository Management

Open Source Project – Objectives

  • Alignment with the Vulkan Specification
    • The goal is for tool and utility behavior to assist in enforcing the vulkan specification on applications. Questions on specification interpretations may require consulting with the Khronos Vulkan Workgroup for resolution
  • ISV Enablement
    • Updates of tools and utilities should be available in a timely fashion
    • Every effort will be made to be responsive to ISV issues
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
    • Google and LunarG collaboration:
      • Google: Monitor for Android
      • LunarG: Monitor for desktop (Windows and Linux)
      • Continuous Integration: HW test farms operated by Google and LunarG monitor various hardware/software platforms
  • Repo Quality
    • Repo remains in healthy state with all tests passing and good-quality, consistent codebase
    • Continuous Integration: Along with Github, HW test farms operated by Google and LunarG perform pre-commit cloud testing on pull-requests

Roles and Definitions

  • Contributor, Commenter, User
    • Submitting contributions, creating issues, or using the contents of the repository
  • Approver
    • Experienced project members who have made significant technical contributions
    • Write control: Approve pull/merge requests (verify submissions vs. acceptance criteria)
  • Technical Project Leads
    • Lead the project in terms of versioning, quality assurance, and overarching objectives
    • Monitor github issues and drive timely resolution
    • Designate new approvers
    • Ensure project information such as the Readme, Contributing docs, wiki, etc., kept up-to-date
    • Act as a facilitator in resolving technical conflicts
    • Is a point-of-contact for project-related questions

The technical project leads for this repository are:

Acceptance Criteria and Process

  • All source code to include Khronos copyright and license (Apache 2.0).
    • Additional copyrights of contributors appended
  • Contributions are via pull requests
    • Project leads will assigning approvers to contributor pull requests
    • Approvers can self-assign their reviewers
    • For complex or invasive contributions, Project Leads may request approval from specific reviewers
    • At least one review approval is required to complete a pull request
    • The goal is to be responsive to contributors while ensuring acceptance criteria is met and to facilitate their submissions
    • Approval is dependent upon adherence to the guidelines in, and alignment with repository goals of maintainability, completeness, and quality
    • Conflicts or questions will ultimately be resolved by the project leads