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# As per Marek
37208c4fd7b1ec679d10992b42a2811cab8245a5 Revert "radeonsi: disable DCC on Stoney"
# causes regression in xwayland, kde/plasma, mpv, steam ... fdo#92759
839793680f99b8387bee9489733d5071c10f3ace i965: Use MESA_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_SRGB for RGB visuals
# .num_slices isn't available in 11.1
f2c891353609b48459f27f205407d42823dd7d03 Add missing platform information for KBL
# As requested by Ilia at
6eeb284e4f74a2fe5ae6cba90f97f219935e24df nv50/ir: normalize cube coordinates after derivatives have been computed
# The commit fixes a fix, the latter of which did not land in 11.1.
4420f189b6d6dd68b517cd73dfdf3775d7d0f580 st/mesa: fix glReadBuffer() assertion failure
# st_DrawAtlasBitmaps was introduced after the 11.1-branchpoint
aed975d5c510135c54252746b44d663d094ecb1e st/mesa: fix sampler view leak in st_DrawAtlasBitmaps()
# Patch addresses CodeEmitterGK110::emitATOM which is missing in branch.
17a37c78fc16505f717a44aa22551285d1cd8c9e gk110/ir: do not overwrite def value with zero for EXCH ops