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// Copyright (C) Microsoft. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt file in the project root for full license information.
.intel_syntax noprefix
#include ""
// expected fvisibility=default
.global C_FUNC(amd64_CallWithFakeFrame)
.global C_FUNC(amd64_ReturnFromCallWithFakeFrame)
// r8 = arg0.
// rcx = args size.
// rdx = spill size.
// rsi = original frame pointer.
// rdi = target.
.balign 16
NESTED_ENTRY amd64_CallWithFakeFrame, _TEXT, NoHandler
// xplat-todo: need to have an equivalent function to __chkstk that we can
// call here to verify that we have enough stack space
mov rax, r8 // arg0
push_nonvol_reg rbp
mov rbp, rsi
// Frame spill size.
sub rsp, rdx
// Save callee-saved xmm registers -- none on Sys V x64
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x90], xmm15
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x80], xmm14
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x70], xmm13
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x60], xmm12
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x50], xmm11
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x40], xmm10
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x30], xmm9
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x20], xmm8
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x10], xmm7
// movapd xmmword ptr [rsp], xmm6
// Save all callee saved registers.
push r15
push r14
push r13
push r12
push rbx
// Frame args size.
sub rsp, rcx
jmp rdi
// rcx = args size.
// rdx = spill size.
NESTED_END amd64_CallWithFakeFrame, _TEXT
.balign 16
NESTED_ENTRY amd64_ReturnFromCallWithFakeFrame, _TEXT, NoHandler
add rsp, rcx
pop rbx
pop r12
pop r13
pop r14
pop r15
// Restore callee-saved xmm registers -- none on Sys V x64; must match RegList.h
// movapd xmm6, xmmword ptr [rsp]
// movapd xmm7, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x10]
// movapd xmm8, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x20]
// movapd xmm9, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x30]
// movapd xmm10, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x40]
// movapd xmm11, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x50]
// movapd xmm12, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x60]
// movapd xmm13, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x70]
// movapd xmm14, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x80]
// movapd xmm15, xmmword ptr [rsp + 0x90]
add rsp, rdx
pop_nonvol_reg rbp
// Return to the real caller.
NESTED_END amd64_ReturnFromCallWithFakeFrame, _TEXT