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# Recommended flake8 settings while editing, we use Black for the final linting/say in how code is formatted
# pip install flake8 flake8-bugbear
# This will warn/error on things that black does not fix, on purpose.
# Run:
# tox -e run-flake8
# To have it automatically create and install the appropriate tools, and run
# flake8 across the source code/tests
# max line length is set to 88 in black, here it is set to 80 and we enable bugbear's B950 warning, which is:
# B950: Line too long. This is a pragmatic equivalent of pycodestyle’s E501: it
# considers “max-line-length” but only triggers when the value has been
# exceeded by more than 10%. You will no longer be forced to reformat code due
# to the closing parenthesis being one character too far to satisfy the linter.
# At the same time, if you do significantly violate the line length, you will
# receive a message that states what the actual limit is. This is inspired by
# Raymond Hettinger’s “Beyond PEP 8” talk and highway patrol not stopping you
# if you drive < 5mph too fast. Disable E501 to avoid duplicate warnings.
max-line-length = 80
max-complexity = 12
select = E,F,W,C,B,B9
ignore =
# E123 closing bracket does not match indentation of opening bracket’s line
# E203 whitespace before ‘:’ (Not PEP8 compliant, Python Black)
# E501 line too long (82 > 79 characters) (replaced by B950 from flake8-bugbear,
# W503 line break before binary operator (Not PEP8 compliant, Python Black)