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Differences from ``zope.server``
- Has no non-stdlib dependencies.
- No support for non-WSGI servers (no FTP, plain-HTTP, etc); refactorings and
slight interface changes as a result. Non-WSGI-supporting code removed.
- Slight cleanup in the way application response headers are handled (no more
"accumulated headers").
- Supports the HTTP 1.1 "expect/continue" mechanism (required by WSGI spec).
- Calls "close()" on the app_iter object returned by the WSGI application.
- Allows trusted proxies to override ``wsgi.url_scheme`` for particular
requests by supplying the ``X_FORWARDED_PROTO`` header.
- Supports an explicit ``wsgi.url_scheme`` parameter for ease of deployment
behind SSL proxies.
- Different adjustment defaults (less conservative).
- Python 3 compatible.
- More test coverage (unit tests added, functional tests refactored and more
- Supports convenience ``waitress.serve`` function (e.g. ``from waitress
import serve; serve(app)`` and convenience ```` function.
- Returns a "real" write method from start_response.
- Provides a getsockname method of the server FBO figuring out which port the
server is listening on when it's bound to port 0.
- Warns when app_iter bytestream numbytes less than or greater than specified
- Set content-length header if len(app_iter) == 1 and none provided.
- Raise an exception if start_response isnt called before any body write.
- channel.write does not accept non-byte-sequences.
- Put maintenance check on server rather than channel to avoid a class of
- wsgi.multiprocess set (correctly) to False.
- Ensures header total can not exceed a maximum size.
- Ensures body total can not exceed a maximum size.
- Broken chunked encoding request bodies don't crash the server.
- Handles keepalive/pipelining properly (no out of order responses, no
premature channel closes).
- Send a 500 error to the client when a task raises an uncaught exception
(with optional traceback rendering via "expose_traceback" adjustment).
- Supports HTTP/1.1 chunked responses when application doesn't set a
Content-Length header.
- Dont hang a thread up trying to send data to slow clients.
- Supports ``wsgi.file_wrapper`` protocol.