OpenVR SDK 1.0.17

* Prop_CameraStreamFormat_Int32 - value from the openvr_driver.h ECameraVideoStreamFormat indicating the expected delivery format of the device
* TrackedProp_IPCReadFailure

* CameraVideoStreamFrameHeader_t:: ulFrameExposureTime - additional field which carries the time in absolute system ticks of when the frame exposure happened, and the time of the frames pose.
* CVS_FORMAT_YUYV16 - new opener_driver.h ECameraVideoStreamFormat value indicating 16-bit YUYV raw image encoding

 * Fixed cNewInput and rchRenderModelComponentName having an incorrect type

IVRCompositor FrameTiming:
* Added frame prediction and throttling bits to reprojection flags.  Use the macros VR_COMPOSITOR_ADDITIONAL_PREDICTED_FRAMES and VR_COMPOSITOR_NUMBER_OF_THROTTLED_FRAMES for easy access.  These values can be used to provide a better job at updating game simulation time for rendered frames when unable to meet native refresh rate requirements.
* Added m_nNumVSyncsReadyForUse for tracking how long each frame took to render.
* Added m_nNumVSyncsToFirstView for tracking how many vsync intervals before a given frame was first viewed (i.e. scanned out).  This may differ from NumVSyncsReadyForUse if the frame was predicted further ahead since frames will never be displayed earlier than the time they were predicted to.
* See for more details.

Driver API:
* Added TrackingResult_Fallback_RotationOnly, which drivers can return if they have lost positional tracking but wish to still provide rotation-only tracking.

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OpenVR is an API and runtime that allows access to VR hardware from multiple vendors without requiring that applications have specific knowledge of the hardware they are targeting. This repository is an SDK that contains the API and samples. The runtime is under SteamVR in Tools on Steam.


Documentation for the API is available on the Github Wiki

More information on OpenVR and SteamVR can be found on