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#include <string.h>
#include <regex.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "locale_impl.h"
/* Error message strings for error codes listed in `regex.h'. This list
needs to be in sync with the codes listed there, naturally. */
/* Converted to single string by Rich Felker to remove the need for
* data relocations at runtime, 27 Feb 2006. */
static const char messages[] = {
"No error\0"
"No match\0"
"Invalid regexp\0"
"Unknown collating element\0"
"Unknown character class name\0"
"Trailing backslash\0"
"Invalid back reference\0"
"Missing ']'\0"
"Missing ')'\0"
"Missing '}'\0"
"Invalid contents of {}\0"
"Invalid character range\0"
"Out of memory\0"
"Repetition not preceded by valid expression\0"
"\0Unknown error"
size_t regerror(int e, const regex_t *restrict preg, char *restrict buf, size_t size)
const char *s;
for (s=messages; e && *s; e--, s+=strlen(s)+1);
if (!*s) s++;
return 1+snprintf(buf, size, "%s", s);