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  5. core/
  6. harness/
  7. js-api/

This directory contains the WebAssembly test suite. It is split into three directories:

  • core/, tests for the core semantics
  • js-api/, tests for the JavaScript API.
  • html/, tests for the JavaScript API in a DOM environment.

A list of to-do's can be found here.

Multi-stage testing

The wast tests can be converted to JavaScript, and the JavaScript tests to HTML tests, using the script. It will create a out/ directory (checked in in this repository, to be able to use it from github pages), containing subdirectories with expanded tests, as well as a landing page for runnning all of them in HTML.

The HTML tests are just Web Platform Tests using the testharness.js library.

Each wast test gets its equivalent JS test, and each JS test (including wast test) gets its equivalent WPT, to be easily run in browser vendors' automation.

Procedure for adding a new test

  • put the test in the right directory according to the above (top) description.
  • ideally, commit here so the actual content commit and build commit are separated.
  • re-run so that the landing page is updated and all the cascading happens.
  • re-commit here, if necessary.

Local HTTP serving of the repository

From the root of your clone of this repository:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

Then open your favorite browser and browse to http://localhost:8000/test/out.