Add a test for non-treelike behavior of stack (#961)

We've recently found a bug in a WebAssembly library we've been working
with where we're mapping WebAssembly to a tree-like IR internally. The
way we parse into this representation, however, has a bug when the
function isn't itself tree-like but rather exibits properties that
exploit a stack machine. For example this isn't so straightforward to
represent in a tree-like fashion:

    (import "" "a" (func $foo))
    (import "" "b" (func $foo (result i32)))
    (func (result i32)
      call $b
      call $b
      call $a

The extra `call $a` in the middle is valid `WebAssembly` but needs
special treatment when converting to a more tree-like IR format. I
figured it'd be good to ensure there's a spec test covering this case as
we currently pass the suite of spec tests but still contain this bug!
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