WebAssembly JS and Web integration spec in Bikeshed (#591)

* WebAssembly JS integraton spec in Bikeshed

Initial checkin, JS.bs is converted from JS.md with
updates to reference the current Wasm specification.

* Various cleanups/fixes:

- Ensure that not passing a maximum Memory size in the object will not
  create a maximum in Wasm.
- Clean up notes about object deduplication in instantiate.
- Refer to Promises guide everywhere.
- Remove duplicate buffer cloning.

* Improve threading

* Initial checkin of web interface

* Name WebAssembly CG as the editor (I'm not sure who should be editor)

* Fix formatting and queue instantiate(module) tasks appropriately

* Changes based on review from @domenic, @rossberg and @binji

* More changes from review by @domenic and @rossberg

* More changes from review

* Move

* More changes from review

- Formalize the process of getting a name for exported functions (including
  passing on the name of re-exported host functions)
- Link to ECMAScript bug for Memory detach behavior
- Some wording clarifications
- Extract out creation of a host function for clarity

* More precise wording for decoding success assertion

* Move specs to index.bs

* Respond to review feedback

* Respond to review from @annevk

* Respond to review from @lukewagner
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This repository holds the sources for the WebAssembly draft specification (to seed a future WebAssembly Working Group), a reference implementation, and the official testsuite.

A formatted version of the spec is available here: webassembly.github.io/spec,

Participation is welcome. Discussions about new features, significant semantic changes, or any specification change likely to generate substantial discussion should take place in the WebAssembly design repository first, so that this spec repository can remain focused. And please follow the guidelines for contributing.