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wasm-toolchain for Debian
This is a binary-only package produced by the wasm waterfall which
is hosted at The code that runs the build
is hosted at
This package includes the following components:
- upstream llvm including wasm backend (/opt/wasm/llvm)
- emscripten (/opt/wasm/emscripten)
- binaryen (/opt/wasm/bin/ /opt/wasm/src/js/)
- wabt (/opt/wasm/bin/)
- emscripten launcher scripts (/opt/wasm/bin/emcc + em++)
The versions of each of the source package that were used to produce
this package are documented in /opt/wasm/buildinfo.json.
As well as installing files under /opt/wasm the package also uses
the debian alternatives mechanism to install /usr/bin/emcc and
/usr/bin/em++ which point to the scripts in /opt/wasm/bin/emcc.
These wrapper scripts allow emcc and em++ to be used without any
EM_CONFIG or ~/.emscripten (i.e. they provide a pre-configured
version of the toolchain).
-- Sam Clegg <> Fri, 23 Sep 2016 10:57:11 -0700