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ANTLR Project Contributors Certification of Origin and Rights
All contributors to ANTLR v4 must formally agree to abide by this
certificate of origin by signing on the bottom with their github
userid, full name, email address (you can obscure your e-mail, but it
must be computable by human), and date.
By signing this agreement, you are warranting and representing that
you have the right to release code contributions or other content free
of any obligations to third parties and are granting Terence Parr and
ANTLR project contributors, henceforth referred to as The ANTLR
Project, a license to incorporate it into The ANTLR Project tools
(such as ANTLRWorks and StringTemplate) or related works under the BSD
license. You understand that The ANTLR Project may or may not
incorporate your contribution and you warrant and represent the
1. I am the creator of all my contributions. I am the author of all
contributed work submitted and further warrant and represent that
such work is my original creation and I have the right to license
it to The ANTLR Project for release under the 3-clause BSD
license. I hereby grant The ANTLR Project a nonexclusive,
irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce,
distribute, prepare derivative works, and otherwise use this
contribution as part of the ANTLR project, associated
documentation, books, and tools at no cost to The ANTLR Project.
2. I have the right to submit. This submission does not violate the
rights of any person or entity and that I have legal authority over
this submission and to make this certification.
3. If I violate another's rights, liability lies with me. I agree to
defend, indemnify, and hold The ANTLR Project and ANTLR users
harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney
fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of my violation
of these terms and conditions or my violation of the rights of
another person or entity.
4. I understand and agree that this project and the contribution are
public and that a record of the contribution (including all
personal information I submit with it, including my sign-off) is
maintained indefinitely and may be redistributed consistent with
this project or the open source license indicated in the file.
I have read this agreement and do so certify by adding my signoff to
the end of the following contributors list.
YYYY/MM/DD, github id, Full name, email
2012/07/12, parrt, Terence Parr,
2012/09/18, sharwell, Sam Harwell,
2012/10/10, stephengaito, Stephen Gaito,
2012/11/23, maguro, Alan Cabrera,
2013/01/29, metadave, Dave Parfitt,
2013/03/06, bkiers, Bart Kiers,
2013/08/20, cayhorstmann, Cay Horstmann,
2014/03/18, aphyr, Kyle Kingsbury,
2014/06/07, ericvergnaud, Eric Vergnaud,
2014/07/04, jimidle, Jim Idle,
2014/01/01, danmclaughlin, Dan McLaughlin,
2014/09/04. jeduden, Jan-Eric Duden,
2014/09/27, petrbel, Petr Bělohlávek,
2014/10/18, sergiusignacius, Sérgio Silva,
2014/10/26, bdkearns, Brian Kearns,
2014/10/27, michaelpj, Michael Peyton Jones,
2015/01/29, TomLottermann, Thomas Lottermann,
2015/02/15, pavlo, Pavlo Lysov,
2015/03/07, RedTailedHawk, Lawrence Parker,
2015/04/03, rljacobson, Robert Jacobson,
2015/04/06, ojakubcik, Ondrej Jakubcik,
2015/04/29, jszheng, Jinshan Zheng,
2015/05/08, ViceIce, Michael Kriese,
2015/05/09, lkraz, Luke Krasnoff,
2015/05/12, Pursuit92, Josh Chase,
2015/05/20, peturingi, Pétur Ingi Egilsson,
2015/05/27, jcbrinfo, Jean-Christophe Beaupré,
2015/06/29, jvanzyl, Jason van Zyl,
2015/08/18, krzkaczor, Krzysztof Kaczor,
2015/09/18, worsht, Rajiv Subrahmanyam,
2015/09/24, HSorensen, Henrik Sorensen,
2015/10/06, brwml, Bryan Wilhelm,
2015/10/08, fedotovalex, Alex Fedotov,
2015/10/12, KvanTTT, Ivan Kochurkin,
2015/10/21, martin-probst, Martin Probst,
2015/10/21, hkff, Walid Benghabrit,
2015/11/12, cooperra, Robbie Cooper,
2015/11/25, abego, Udo Borkowski,
2015/12/17, sebadur, Sebastian Badur,
2015/12/23, pboyer, Peter Boyer,
2015/12/24, dtymon, David Tymon,
2016/02/18, reitzig, Raphael Reitzig, reitzig[at]
2016/03/10, mike-lischke, Mike Lischke,
2016/03/27, beardlybread, Bradley Steinbacher,
2016/03/29, msteiger, Martin Steiger,
2016/03/28, gagern, Martin von Gagern,
2016/07/10, twz123, Tom Wieczorek,
2016/07/20, chrisheller, Chris Heller,
2016/07/20, nburles, Nathan Burles,
2016/07/20, kosl90, Li Liqiang,
2016/07/27, timoc, Tim O'Callaghan,
2016/07/26, nic30, Michal Orsák,
2016/07/18, willfaught, Will Faught,
2016/08/08, wjkohnen, Wolfgang Johannes Kohnen,
2016/08/11, BurtHarris, Ralph "Burt" Harris,
2016/08/19, andjo403, Andreas Jonson,
2016/09/27, harriman, Kurt Harriman,
2016/10/13, cgudrian, Christian Gudrian,
2016/10/13, nielsbasjes, Niels Basjes,
2016/10/21, FloorGoddijn, Floor Goddijn, floor.goddijn[at]
2016/11/01, RYDB3RG, Kai Stammerjohann,
2016/11/05, runner-mei, meifakun,
2016/11/15, hanjoes, Hanzhou Shi,
2016/11/16, sridharxp, Sridharan S,
2016/11/06, NoodleOfDeath, Thom Morgan,
2016/11/01, sebkur, Sebastian Kürten,
2016/04/13, renatahodovan, Renata Hodovan,
2016/11/05, ewanmellor, Ewan Mellor,
2016/11/06, janyou, Janyou,
2016/11/20, marcohu, Marco Hunsicker,
2016/09/02, lygav, Vladimir (Vladi) Lyga,
2016/09/23, ghosthope, Dmitry Shakhtanov,
2016/11/25, MrSampson, Oliver Sampson,
2016/11/29, millergarym, Gary Miller,
2016/11/29, wxio, Gary Miller,
2016/11/29, Naios, Denis Blank,
2016/12/01, samtatasurya, Samuel Tatasurya,
2016/12/03, redxdev, Samuel Bloomberg,
2016/12/11, Gaulouis, Gaulouis,
2016/12/22, akosthekiss, Akos Kiss,
2016/12/24, adrpo, Adrian Pop,
2017/01/11, robertbrignull, Robert Brignull,
2017/01/13, marcelo-rocha, Marcelo Rocha,
2017/01/23, bhamiltoncx, Ben Hamilton,
2017/01/18, mshockwave, Bekket McClane,
2017/02/10, lionelplessis, Lionel Plessis,
2017/02/14, lecode-official, David Neumann,
2017/02/14, xied75, Dong Xie,
2017/02/20, Thomasb81, Thomas Burg,
2017/02/26, jvasileff, John Vasileff,
2017/03/08, harry-tallbelt, Igor Vysokopoyasny,
2017/03/09, teverett, Tom Everett,
2017/03/03, chund, Christian Hund,
2017/03/15, robertvanderhulst, Robert van der Hulst,
2017/03/28, cmd-johnson, Jonas Auer,
2017/04/12, lys0716, Yishuang Lu,
2017/04/30, shravanrn, Shravan Narayan,
2017/05/11, jimallman, Jim Allman,
2017/05/26, waf, Will Fuqua,
2017/05/29, kosak, Corey Kosak,
2017/06/11, erikbra, Erik A. Brandstadmoen,
2017/06/10, jm-mikkelsen, Jan Martin Mikkelsen,
2017/06/25, alimg, Alim Gökkaya,
2017/06/28, jBugman, Sergey Parshukov,
2017/07/09, neatnerd, Mike Arshinskiy,
2017/07/11, dhalperi, Daniel Halperin,
2017/07/17, vaibhavaingankar09, Vaibhav Vaingankar,
2017/07/23, venkatperi, Venkat Peri,
2017/07/27, shirou, WAKAYAMA Shirou,
2017/07/09, neatnerd, Mike Arshinskiy,
2017/07/27, matthauck, Matt Hauck,
2017/07/27, shirou, WAKAYAMA Shirou,
2017/08/20, tiagomazzutti, Tiago Mazzutti,
2017/08/20, milanaleksic, Milan Aleksic,
2017/08/29, Eddy Reyes,
2017/09/09, brauliobz, Bráulio Bezerra,
2017/09/11, sachinjain024, Sachin Jain,
2017/09/25, kaedvann, Rostislav Listerenko,
2017/10/06, bramp, Andrew Brampton,
2017/10/15, simkimsia, Sim Kim Sia,
2017/10/27, Griffon26, Maurice van der Pot,
2017/05/29, rlfnb, Ralf Neeb,
2017/10/29, gendalph, Максим Прохоренко, Maxim\
2017/11/02, jasonmoo, Jason Mooberry,
2017/11/05, ajaypanyala, Ajay Panyala,
2017/11/24,, Zhiqiang Lu,
2017/11/28, niccroad, Nicolas Croad,
2017/12/01, DavidMoraisFerreira, David Morais Ferreira,
2017/12/01, SebastianLng, Sebastian Lang,
2017/12/03, oranoran, Oran Epelbaum, oran / epelbaum me
2017/12/12, janlinde, Jan Lindemann,
2017/12/13, enessoylu, Enes Soylu,
2017/12/20, kbsletten, Kyle Sletten,
2017/12/27, jkmar, Jakub Marciniszyn,
2018/03/08, dannoc, Daniel Clifford,
2018/03/10, uvguy,
2018/01/06, kasbah, Kaspar Emanuel,
2018/01/15, xgcssch, Sönke Schau,
2018/02/08, razfriman, Raz Friman,
2018/02/11, io7m, Mark Raynsford,
2018/04/24, solussd, Joe Smith,
2018/15/05, johnvanderholt, jan dillingh
2018/06/14, scadgek, Sergey Chupov,
2018/06/16, EternalPhane, Zongyuan Zuo,
2018/06/27, wu-sheng, Wu Sheng,
2018/02/25, chaseoxide, Marcus Ong, taccs97[at]gmail[dot]com
2018/05/15, johnvanderholt, jan dillingh
2018/06/16, EternalPhane, Zongyuan Zuo,
2018/05/15, johnvanderholt, jan dillingh
2018/05/17, sinopsysHK, Eric Bardes,
2018/05/23, srvance, Stephen Vance,
2018/06/14, alecont, Alessandro Contenti,
2018/06/16, EternalPhane, Zongyuan Zuo,
2018/07/03, jgoppert, James Goppert,
2018/07/27, Maksim Novikov,
2018/08/03, ENDOH takanao,
2018/10/08, xsIceman, Andreas Skaar,
2018/10/18, edirgarcia, Edir García Lazo,
2018/07/31, Lucas Henrqiue,
2018/08/03, ENDOH takanao,
2018/10/29, chrisaycock, Christopher Aycock, chris[at]chrisaycock[dot]com
2018/11/12, vinoski, Steve Vinoski,
2018/11/14, nxtstep, Adriaan (Arjan) Duz, codewithadriaan[et]gmail[dot]com
2018/11/15, amykyta3, Alex Mykyta,
2018/11/29, hannemann-tamas, Ralf Hannemann-Tamas,
2018/12/20, WalterCouto, Walter Couto,
2018/12/23, youkaichao, Kaichao You,
2019/01/01, khoroshilov, Alexey Khoroshilov,
2019/01/02, wkhemir, Wail Khemir,
2019/01/16, kuegi, Markus Zancolo,
2019/01/29, hc-codersatlas, Harry Chan,
2019/02/06, ralucado, Cristina Raluca Vijulie, ralucris.v[at]gmail[dot]com
2019/02/23, gedimitr, Gerasimos Dimitriadis,
2019/03/13, base698, Justin Thomas,
2019/03/18, carlodri, Carlo Dri,
2019/05/02, askingalot, Andy Collins,
2019/05/13, mapio, Massimo Santini,
2019/07/11, olowo726, Olof Wolgast,
2019/07/16, abhijithneilabraham, Abhijith Neil Abraham,
2019/07/26, Braavos96, Eric Hettiaratchi,
2019/08/02, thron7, Thomas Herchenroeder, thron7[at]users[dot]sourceforge[dot]net
2019/08/12, easonlin404, Eason Lin,
2019/08/23, akaJes, Oleksandr Mamchyts,
2019/08/27, wurzelpeter, Markus Franke, markus[hyphen]franke[at]web[dot]de
2019/09/10, ImanHosseini, Iman Hosseini,
2019/09/03, João Henrique,
2019/09/10, neko1235, Ihar Mokharau,
2019/09/10, yar3333, Yaroslav Sivakov,
2019/09/10, marcospassos, Marcos Passos,
2019/09/10, amorimjuliana, Juliana Amorim,
2019/09/15, sullis, Sean Sullivan,
2019/09/17, kaz, Kazuki Sawada,
2019/09/28, lmy269, Mingyang Liu,
2019/10/29, tehbone, Tabari Alexander,
2019/10/31, a-square, Alexei Averchenko,
2019/11/05, listba, Ben List,
2019/11/11, foxeverl, Liu Xinfeng, liuxf1986[at]gmail[dot]com
2019/11/17, felixn, Felix Nieuwenhuizhen,
2019/11/18, mlilback, Mark Lilback,
2020/01/19, lingyv-li, Lingyu Li,
2020/02/02, carocad, Camilo Roca,
2020/02/10, julibert, Julián Bermúdez Ortega,
2020/02/17, quantumsheep, Nathanael Demacon,
2020/02/21, StochasticTinkr, Daniel Pitts,
2020/03/17, XsongyangX, Song Yang,
2020/04/07, deniskyashif, Denis Kyashif,
2020/04/08, lwehmeier, Leon Wehmeier,
2020/04/10, agrabski, Adam Grabski,
2020/04/23, martinvw, Martin van Wingerden,
2020/04/23, kaczmarj, Jakub Kaczmarzyk,
2020/04/30, TristonianJones, Tristan Swadell,
2020/05/06, iammosespaulr, Moses Paul R,
2020/05/10, gomerser, Erik Gomersbach,
2020/05/22, keywan-ghadami-oxid, Keywan Ghadami,
2020/05/25, graknol, Sindre van der Linden,
2020/05/31, d-markey, David Markey,
2020/06/02, cohomology, Kilian Kilger, kkilger AT
2020/06/04, IohannRabeson, Iohann Rabeson,
2020/06/04, sigmasoldi3r, Pablo Blanco,
2020/06/15, mattpaletta, Matthew Paletta,
2020/07/01, sha-N, Shan M Mathews,
2020/08/22, stevenjohnstone, Steven Johnstone,
2020/09/06, ArthurSonzogni, Sonzogni Arthur,
2020/09/10, Khailian, Arunav Sanyal,
2020/09/12, Clcanny, Charles Ruan,
2020/09/15, rmcgregor1990, Robert McGregor,
2020/09/16, trenki2, Markus Trenkwalder, trenki2[at]gmx[dot]net
2020/10/08, Marti2203, Martin Mirchev,
2020/10/16, adarshbhat, Adarsh Bhat,
2020/10/20, adamwojs, Adam Wójs, adam[at]
2020/10/24, cliid, Jiwu Jang,
2020/11/05, MichelHartmann, Michel Hartmann,
2020/11/26, mr-c, Michael R. Crusoe,
2020/12/01, maxence-lefebvre, Maxence Lefebvre,
2020/12/03, electrum, David Phillips,
2021/01/03, niw, Yoshimasa Niwa,
2021/01/25, l215884529, Qiheng Liu,
2021/02/02, tsotnikov, Taras Sotnikov,
2021/02/10, jirislaby, Jiri Slaby,
2021/02/21, namasikanam, Xingyu Xie,
2021/02/26, ahooper, Andrew Hooper, ahooper at kos dot net
2021/02/27, khmarbaise, Karl Heinz Marbaise,
2021/02/28, Dante-Broggi, Dante Broggi,
2021/03/02, hackeris
2021/03/03, xTachyon, Damian Andrei,
2021/03/22, 100mango, Fangqiu Fang,
2021/04/07, b1f6c1c4, Jinzheng Tu,
2021/04/17, jaggerjo, Josua Jäger,
2021/04/24, bigerl, Alexander Bigerl, alexander [äät] bigerl [pkt] eu
2021/05/02, michalharakal, Michal Harakal,
2021/05/03, redexp, Sergii Kliuchnyk,
2021/05/03, mitar, Mi Tar,
2021/05/04, joakker, Joaquín León,
2021/05/06, renancaraujo, Renan C. Araújo,
2021/05/06, canastro, Ricardo Canastro,
2021/06/19, abe149, Abe Skolnik, abe 149 at gmail . com
2021/07/01, appel1, Johan Appelgren,
2021/07/01, marcauberer, Marc Auberer,
2021/07/14, renzhentaxibaerde, Renzhentaxi Baerde,
2021/07/21, skittlepox, Benjamin Spiegel,
2021/07/29, ksyx, Qixing Xue,
2021/07/29, rachidlamouri, Rachid Lamouri,
2021/08/02, minjoosur, Minjoo Sur,
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2021/09/23, skalt, Steven Kalt,
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2021/10/19, jcking, Justin King,
2021/10/31, skef, Skef Iterum,
2021/10/31, hlstwizard,
2021/11/30, bollwyvl, Nick Bollweg,
2021/12/03, eneko, Eneko Alonso,
2021/12/16, Ketler13, Oleksandr Martyshchenko,
2021/12/25, Tinker1024, Tinker1024,
2021/12/31, Biswa96, Biswapriyo Nath,
2022/03/07, chenquan, chenquan,
2022/03/15, hzeller, Henner Zeller,